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I am a mentally unstable idiot.
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abusive behaviour -chat -play Hero Of Time 12:46 AM, Tuesday May 15, 2012 EDT

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retiy on Monday October 1, 2012
he is such an awful player.. But the disgusting thing is, he fucked his own mother too often. Crazy asshole
GoGonzalez on Monday May 16, 2011
Cheater and Lier. Don't Believe it what the said.
JanusC on Sunday April 17, 2011
What an awesome looser, dosen't respect flags, akttacks after flagging. An example of our new ellbow-society...
haxbox on Sunday April 17, 2011
nevermind :)
Brad Sewell on Monday April 11, 2011
Unfair player
Mandoulis on Saturday April 9, 2011
Seems to dislike Dutch people.... Seen him made pretty good moves but overall I say his own comment says it all.
drzedd on Wednesday April 6, 2011
PGA with Scyther
g00b1 on Tuesday April 5, 2011
proper wanker
The ExpIoited on Monday April 4, 2011
Very mentally disturbed. I think it's only a matter of time until he puts a shotgun in his mouth. Very sad.
r0n on Thursday March 31, 2011
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