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Loobee wrote
at 9:07 AM, Saturday June 11, 2011 EDT
~~~~~~<~~~~~~<@ You too!
kellykellymoore wrote
at 6:20 AM, Monday December 6, 2010 EST
While I agree that Z is somewhat ethically challenged, or has been in
the past, he has served his time like any other person who has been
modded. His antics are not a fraction as bad as some players who
continue to play daily, without any permanent consequences.
RichardCheese wrote
at 6:38 PM, Tuesday November 30, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ac, Qd]
RichardCheese raises $540,000
RaahLovely raises $3,960,000
R-O-B-B-Y folds
RichardCheese calls
Dealing flop: [2s, 9d, 9c]
Dealing turn: [5c]
Dealing river: [5h]
RaahLovely shows [Kh, Qh] for two pair, nines and fives
RichardCheese shows [Ac, Qd] for two pair, nines and fives
RichardCheese wins main pot $6,860,000
RichardCheese wrote
at 4:33 PM, Monday November 29, 2010 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7h, 7c]
RichardCheese calls
sergey761 calls
71181 calls
fickle raises $60,000
RichardCheese calls
sergey761 folds
71181 calls
Dealing flop: [Qh, 4h, 7d]
71181 folds
71181 stands up
71181 takes a seat
fickle bets $80,000
RichardCheese calls
Dealing turn: [5h]
fickle checks
RichardCheese bets $80,000
fickle raises $260,000
RichardCheese calls
Dealing river: [5c]
fickle bets $120,000
RichardCheese raises $1,490,000
fickle calls
RichardCheese shows [7h, 7c] for a full house, sevens full of fives
fickle shows [Th, 6h] for a flush Queen high
RichardCheese wins main pot $3,920,000
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