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I'm not your bro buddy....
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Recognized on 9:52 PM, Friday July 19, 2013 EDT by Ryan
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actually fan to play with, all old players are valuable
Caesar on Saturday March 27, 2021
shitty person... literally
sw1ft25 on Monday September 14, 2020
Loser that begs for points. Get out of your moms basement.
Gauntlet15 on Friday May 10, 2019
Class act! Respects the playing community and the game.
~Beer~ on Friday May 13, 2016
no respect flag !!!! traitor
Mulet on Friday November 13, 2015
Flags then stabs...Racist as well
Nick8545 on Friday November 13, 2015
No sense of humor, stabs in dice, bad dancer. Nuf said- you know what to do.
rushwing on Monday November 2, 2015
I'm not your buddy, bro
Drucifer85 on Thursday October 22, 2015
Just witnessed this guy stab and play like an ass for the one millionth time
Help, I'm a rock on Thursday October 22, 2015
sup bro!
chiefKeef on Tuesday October 20, 2015
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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