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Don doo dat dood.
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PGA with chieKeef and sac lunch -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
rednttautology on Thursday August 29, 2013
Oh come on, you know you would......
mistersither on Wednesday April 17, 2013
asked if I wanted to suck his dick. I was like, wtf no.
TimmyMcfee on Wednesday September 19, 2012
Daveedoo on Thursday September 13, 2012
good, fair player
Pawe? Woroniecki on Thursday September 13, 2012
2012-09-08 Myst Moorth is STILL a chat jerk; see below for my earlier review containing his previous chat jerk stuff. Myst Moorth is brown. All chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ [Note: I did not recall that Myst Moorth was a chat jerk I had run into before. I only realized it after this game when I checked and found my old review of Myst Moorth.] ---------- 3.14159: red, a chat flag is a prelude to a real flag ---------- [Note: Myst Moorth got mad at a Level 3 (or so) player who didn't immediately catch that Myst Moorth had flagged to him. Myst Moorth uses any excuse to lash out at people; that is just the kind of guy he is.] ---------- Myst Moorth: no matter what level he is, my flag is ineffective ---------- 3.14159: not if he NOW understands, brown ---------- 3.14159: don't be a jerk about it ---------- 3.14159: unless that is what you are, of course ---------- Myst Moorth: nope, he attacked me ---------- Myst Moorth: i dont need more to take care of my interests [Note: Number One on Myst Moorth's reading list? 'Atlas Shrugged.'] ---------- 3.14159: wow--are you 5-years-old, brown? ---------- Myst Moorth: i dont know what this man's made of [Note: Melodramatic much?] ---------- 3.14159: nevermind, brown--we see what YOU are ---------- 3.14159: a jerk ---------- 3.14159: no problem ---------- francisc: flag green ---------- Myst Moorth: no, on the contrary, im a careful man ---------- 3.14159: kdice will always have jerks ---------- Selamun Aleykum: ty ---------- Myst Moorth: yell, you're a loudmouth [Note: Myst Moorth must have forgotten me, too.] ---------- 3.14159: "careful" jerk, you mean ---------- Myst Moorth: and you're raging ---------- Myst Moorth: oh very funny ---------- Myst Moorth: congrats ---------- 3.14159: rage? do i seem to be in a rage to you? ---------- Myst Moorth: positive ---------- 3.14159: brown, you are a jerk AND a fool then ---------- Myst Moorth: lol you still here dummy? ---------- Myst Moorth: get lost man ---------- 3.14159: ah, i just read your reviews, brown ---------- 3.14159: you are not just a jerk in THIS game... ---------- 3.14159: you are a jerk ALL the time ---------- Myst Moorth: you're obsessed with me arent you ---------- 3.14159: no, i always point at jerks and call them "jerks" ---------- 3.14159: you are just another one ---------- 3.14159: so if i have an "obsession" it is with calling jerks "jerks" ---------- Myst Moorth: if only u knew what kind of nonexistent shit i gave ########### [Note: Why, then, continue to chat with me?] ---------- 3.14159: !!!!!! ---------- Myst Moorth: man, go away ########### [Note: See? He DOES care.] ---------- 3.14159: that is lol, dude ---------- Myst Moorth: lol really you're on the internet ---------- Myst Moorth: Y are u still here? ---------- 3.14159: instead of IGNORING me, you keep responding ---------- Myst Moorth: do you need a life? ---------- 3.14159: so you DO care ---------- 3.14159: a LOT ---------- Myst Moorth: i can't ignore you man ########## [Note: No, because he cares.] ---------- 3.14159: being a jerk is YOUR life ---------- 3.14159: mute me, dude--you know how ---------- Myst Moorth: you're so amd at me it seems ive killed your mom or something ---------- 3.14159: level 27 and all ---------- Myst Moorth: youre being a sticky pain right now, fuck off man ########## ---------- Myst Moorth: flag green ---------- Myst Moorth: get over this game ---------- Myst Moorth: you're in a serious need of a life ---------- 3.14159: you are just another of the cockroaches and rats we will always have on kdice, Myst Moorth ---------- 3.14159: oh, being a jerk is a good use of YOUR time, right? ---------- Myst Moorth: wow, now thats balanced and healthy ---------- Myst Moorth: sure dude ---------- 3.14159: "wow"? really? ---------- Myst Moorth: why dont you fuck off now bro ########## ---------- 3.14159: you were really "wow"ed by that? ---------- 3.14159: wow ---------- 3.14159: keep it coming, Myst Moorth ---------- Myst Moorth: i mean, why the fuck are u still here man Im mesmerized ########## ---------- Myst Moorth: what about the rest of your life man ---------- 3.14159: "mesmerized" is right! ---------- Myst Moorth: go do something interesting ---------- 3.14159: i have you ---------- 3.14159: you are my meat, Myst Moorth ---------- 3.14159: you are in my power ---------- 3.14159: you can NOT ignore me ---------- 3.14159: you HAVE to respond ---------- Myst Moorth: lol ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- Myst Moorth: would you look at this dude, guys ---------- 3.14159: guys? you care what THEY think? ---------- Myst Moorth: aint that a perfect example of why kdice is bad for your health ---------- 3.14159: really? ---------- 3.14159: being a jerk is good for your health? ---------- Myst Moorth: allright champion, keep talking ---------- 3.14159: is that it? ---------- Myst Moorth: im a respectable dude man ---------- Myst Moorth: how about you ---------- 3.14159: respectable jerk? that is an oxymoron, Myst Moorth ---------- 3.14159: you are just another chat jerk ---------- 3.14159: like all the others on here ---------- 3.14159: you are one of the 3% ---------- Myst Moorth: oh God, i'm picturing this loser's face right now ---------- Myst Moorth: i can't believe these still exist ---------- 3.14159: here is the part where he says what a loser i am... ---------- 3.14159: but HIS bad behavior? he doesn't notice that ---------- 3.14159: of course ---------- Myst Moorth: you're failing your trolling ---------- Myst Moorth: you failed your game ---------- 3.14159: he doesn't realize i do this for a living ---------- Myst Moorth: green, i flagged you ---------- 3.14159: he is just another of my case studies ---------- Myst Moorth: green, i flagged you ---------- 3.14159: "green, i flagged you"!!!! ---------- Myst Moorth: why are u attacking me ---------- 3.14159: cry more, brown ---------- Selamun Aleykum: sorry ---------- 3.14159: can't i be a jerk in peace--brown says ---------- Selamun Aleykum: I can't see ---------- 3.14159: i love it when jerks demand fair play ---------- 3.14159: THEY can act as bad as they want to... ---------- 3.14159: but when others penalize them for it... ---------- Myst Moorth: well u can look it up in the chat, or simply look at the little flag next to my name ---------- 3.14159: they whine and cry ---------- 3.14159: like Myst Moorth ---------- Myst Moorth: shit man you're scary ---------- Myst Moorth: but in the bad way ---------- 3.14159: you scared bro? ---------- 3.14159: wow ---------- 3.14159: really? ---------- Myst Moorth: as so fucked up you're scary ########## ---------- 3.14159: you know this is the internet, right? ---------- 3.14159: you scared bro? ---------- [Note: Missing some lines of chat here.] ---------- 3.14159: where he says, "i only mention it because of your mental health" ---------- Myst Moorth: lol ---------- 3.14159: HE is still chatting with me--but he doesn't know it ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- Myst Moorth: thats awesome ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- 3.14159: it IS awesome bro ---------- Myst Moorth: ok man ---------- Myst Moorth: you beat me ---------- 3.14159: you are a chat jerk like any other ---------- 3.14159: i know that ---------- 3.14159: i know i win ---------- 3.14159: i always do ---------- Myst Moorth: now please go talk to your mom, or someone you can rely on ---------- 3.14159: but i am glad you realize it ---------- Myst Moorth: because you need it ---------- 3.14159: there may be hope for you ---------- 3.14159: "your mom"!!!! ---------- 3.14159: you see what HE would do ---------- Myst Moorth: yes, someone friendly to you ---------- 3.14159: he reveals so much ---------- 3.14159: it is GREAT ---------- Myst Moorth: man you're still here ---------- 3.14159: i don't care about him at all--but he HATES this ---------- Myst Moorth: you're like stalking me ---------- 3.14159: he HATES it ---------- Myst Moorth: please man, fuck the hell off ########## ---------- Myst Moorth: why not? ---------- 3.14159: is Myst Moorth STILL chatting to me? ---------- 3.14159: STILL!?!? ---------- 3.14159: wow ---------- 3.14159: he IS ---------- Myst Moorth: I'm here to play man ---------- 3.14159: i win again ---------- Myst Moorth: you're here to talk amd shit ---------- 3.14159: and chat with me ---------- 3.14159: chat some more, green ---------- 3.14159: chat with me ---------- 3.14159: i win again ---------- 3.14159: as always ---------- Myst Moorth: why dont you just go and stop being mad? ---------- mozgul: PI loser :P ---------- Myst Moorth: this is getting seriously ridiculous ---------- 3.14159: i'm not mad--you are just another cockroach and rat, Myst Moorth ---------- 3.14159: i always do this with you chat jerks ---------- Myst Moorth: lol ok you beat me ---------- Myst Moorth: bye? ---------- 3.14159: you could look it up ---------- Myst Moorth: ok dude, bye? ---------- 3.14159: still chatting, Myst Moorth? ---------- Myst Moorth: nope ---------- Myst Moorth: bye? ---------- 3.14159: still trying to get the last word--bye? ---------- 3.14159: you give up? ---------- Myst Moorth: yes ---------- 3.14159: i win again!!!! ---------- 3.14159: excellent ---------- Myst Moorth: congrats dude ---------- Myst Moorth: cu ---------- 3.14159: another chat jerk vanquished ---------- 3.14159: it is good for the 97% to see it ---------- 3.14159: Myst Moorth and the other 3%er chat jerks need to be put in their place sometimes ---------- Myst Moorth: now i know how a girl feels when being stalked ---------- 3.14159: otherwise they go too far ---------- 3.14159: green thinks he is being stalked--what a fool ---------- 3.14159: HE is chatting ---------- 3.14159: what a fool ---------- Myst Moorth: ... ---------- Myst Moorth: i think you win by far ---------- Myst Moorth: can you leave now? ---------- 3.14159: by the way, Myst Moorth, watch for your review later ---------- 3.14159: "can you leave now?" ---------- 3.14159: am i getting to you? ---------- 3.14159: is that it? ---------- 3.14159: say "please" and i will leave ---------- 3.14159: good manners should be rewarded ---------- 3.14159: your chat jerk manners, Myst Moorth, should be punished ---------- Myst Moorth: actually yo're being amusing to me in some way. ---------- 3.14159: just as i did punish you ---------- 3.14159: he STILL hates this ---------- 3.14159: he cannot stand it ---------- Myst Moorth: so I won't say please, I'm just gonna do what i do, wwhile you are stopping your life because you're mad ---------- 3.14159: Myst Moorth says, "why can't i be a chat jerk and everyone leave me alone?" ---------- 3.14159: you HATE this, Myst Moorth ---------- 3.14159: which i LOVE ---------- 3.14159: chat jerks need their comeuppance ---------- Myst Moorth: you're deranged my friend ---------- 3.14159: "deranged" because i call him what he is!!! ---------- 3.14159: what a delusional fool Myst Moorth is ---------- Myst Moorth: now i know what kind of dudes leave bad comments on my reviews :) ---------- mozgul: pi you seem to be delusional ########## [Note: mozgul chimes in.] ---------- 3.14159: another chat jerk friend speaks up ---------- Bronolan: everyone needs to chill ---------- 3.14159: mozgul wants MORE chat jerks on Kdcie ---------- 3.14159: kdice ---------- 3.14159: right mosgul? ---------- Myst Moorth: i'm perfectly chilled dude ^^ ---------- mozgul: I mean you are boring pi ########## [Note: mozgul changes his tune. Just a moment before I was delusional; now I am boring. mozgul must be nervous or something.] ---------- 3.14159: you want MORE of guys like Myst Moorth? ---------- 3.14159: then ignore me, mozgul ---------- Myst Moorth: im simply amazed because that Pi dude has been here for like 20 minutes without playing ---------- 3.14159: "amazed"? really? ---------- 3.14159: i AM playing--with YOU ---------- 3.14159: i have beat you every which way ---------- 3.14159: just doing it again ---------- mozgul: flag red ---------- Myst Moorth: lol I ish i was still playing just to see how far you could go into insanity ---------- Myst Moorth: but, well bye ---------- 3.14159: "insanity"? really? ---------- Myst Moorth has left ########## ---------- 3.14159: run, Myst Moorth, run ---------- Bronolan: trolololol ---------- 3.14159: now, mozgul--you want MORE of chat jerks like Myst Moorth or fewer? ---------- 3.14159: you don't like watching him get what he deserves? ---------- 3.14159: you don't like seeing the garbage man take out the garbage? ---------- mozgul: I want fewer of you spammers [Note: mozgul obviously doesn't know what "spam" is. He just calls what he doesn't like or understand "spam."] ---------- 3.14159: this was not spam--it was a lesson for the 97%... ---------- 3.14159: that the 3% don't always get their way ---------- 3.14159: YOU seem to want MORE of their stuff ---------- 3.14159: but most of us do not ---------- 3.14159: if you do not punish them IMMEDIATELY, they get worse ---------- 3.14159: understand? ---------- mozgul has left ########## ---------- 3.14159: run, mozgul, run ---------- 3.14159: sorry about that to everyone else ---------- 3.14159: but chat jerks are a hobby of mine ---------- 3.14159: good luck all ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ 2011-09-16 Myst Moorth is a chat jerk who wrote a review of me: "Typical stupid player. Lovely to see him chat, simply because he has absolutely no idea what he is bitching about... just thinks he has to bitch I guess." The b*tching was all from Myst Moorth. He was the one complaining vociferously and bitterly about brown not asking permission to take Myst Moorth's island. Actually, it was whining and crying more than b*tching, but you get the idea, Dear Reader. Myst Moorth just HATES seeing his own words permanently on display for everyone to see--he knows that what he says makes him look REALLY bad. His embarrassment is noted. ++++++++++ 2011-09-16 Myst Moorth is a chat jerk. Myst Moorth is a little too tautly wound for Internet games--he can't keep his cool. And winning isn't enough for him; he has to let everyone know exactly how to do everything and what they did wrong. Myst Moorth is green, I am red. Chat is verbatim as always. ++++++ ++++ [Note: I didn't get to save all the chat, but green/Myst Moorth was going WAY overboard about brown flagging and then taking an island (green said). Myst Moorth, in high dudgeon, turned on brown, attacked him, insulted him in chat, told brown he has to ASK before taking an island--all this while Myst Moorth easily had 1st place in hand against the entire table. As I often do against rude and aggressive chatters, I chatted. Myst Moorth is apparently French and he started insulting Americans--who doesn't?--so we made it to this point.] ---------- 3.14159: the french are great ---------- 3.14159: you help us make good desserts ---------- 3.14159: you help us pick out our clothes ---------- 3.14159: good stuff! ---------- 3.14159: keep it up! ---------- KingDingDong: pi ---------- KingDingDong: just got it red ---------- Myst Moorth: haha, yeah and bring your country to birth, remind it? :) ---------- Myst Moorth: like, the american revolution? :) ---------- KingDingDong: flag is up ---------- 3.14159: your revolution versus OURs? your kidding, right? ---------- Myst Moorth: maybe a little too much for you to think of, right? ---------- Myst Moorth: no, yours was staged by french ---------- Myst Moorth: vs english ;) ---------- KingDingDong: i think i need a beer ---------- Myst Moorth: but you dont know about it right :) ---------- 3.14159: one was a revolution of horror, the other a revolution of logic, justice, and wisdom ---------- 3.14159: right green? ---------- Myst Moorth: haha another americunt, dumbfuck :D ########## [Note: Oh, what continental cleverness. You see: americ*nt. Wow, did Myst Moorth come up with that himself. So clever he is, so sophisticated and, you know, French and stuff.] ---------- 3.14159: so the world would be better off with more FRENCH revolutions than AMERICAN revolutions, right green? ---------- Myst Moorth: haha, dont you know your very country was born thanks to us french ppl? :) ---------- 3.14159: much more English than French ---------- Myst Moorth: are you jsut dumb, or trying to pretend u dont know it? :) ---------- 3.14159: John Locke MUCH more important ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah no little dummy x) ---------- Myst Moorth: france VS england ---------- Myst Moorth: :D ---------- Myst Moorth: got it? ---------- 3.14159: Montesquieu MUCH less important ---------- Myst Moorth: england didnt want you dummies to go independant, we did :) ---------- Myst Moorth: got it? ---------- KingDingDong: robespierre the chicken ---------- 3.14159: but the English SYSTEM is SO much better ---------- Myst Moorth: haha red, dummy vs reason ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah ---------- Myst Moorth: your ignorance is an american one ---------- Myst Moorth: proud and dumb at the same time ---------- Myst Moorth: unique combo ---------- 3.14159: the intellectual foundation is JOHN LOCKE not French ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah ---------- 3.14159: you don't know much do you?> ---------- KingDingDong: i went to skool ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah im teaching you your own history [Note: Myst Moorth doesn't worry about the intellectual foundation of things, just the surface appearances. He is kind of like the Maginot Line, right? He LOOKS strong but he is just stuck in one place while his country is run over.] ---------- 3.14159: English common law and John Locke--the foundation of America ---------- Myst Moorth: do you realise how stupid you look now? :) ---------- 3.14159: yes, just a lot smarter than your stupidity :)( ---------- Myst Moorth: you didnt even know we ignited this revolution :) ---------- KingDingDong: i do expert witness work, so I are not dumb ---------- Myst Moorth: red, another ignorant fuck ########## [Note: Aren't the French supposed to be sophisticated or something? Why the simple gutter talk? It is just off of the playground. Where is the elegance, the wit, the sophistication? What is happening to the French?] ---------- 3.14159: sure i do--your horror of a revolution versus our GREAT revolution ---------- Myst Moorth: among the fucks in america :) ########## [Note: More simple f*cking talk? Nothing interesting or clever? Maybe Myst Moorth is one of the less sophisticated Frenchies--let us hope so.] ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah, keep eating sandwich and act tough, cowboy :) ---------- 3.14159: we will let you cook our snails for us, green, don't worry ---------- Myst Moorth: proper americunt that is :) ########## [Note: "americ*nt"--get it? BRILLIANT stuff he repeats.] ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah, ignorant prick x) ########## [Note: "pr*ck"--get it? So sophisticated and French and stuff.] ---------- Myst Moorth: you should be grateful #################### [Note: Myst Moorth reveals himself. He cannot stand it that the French must be grateful to America and England for freeing them from Hitler. The "grateful" slip shows that Myst Moorth is juvenile in his chauvinism.] ---------- 3.14159: "ACT" tough? like the FRENCH you mean? really? ---------- Myst Moorth: like a fat kid who doesnt even know who raised him ;:) ---------- 3.14159: saved your whole country-- you are welcome ---------- KingDingDong: i saved money on my car insurance ---------- 3.14159: please Mr. Hitler, take our country ---------- Myst Moorth: hahah, you saved hollywood, not our country x) ########## [Note: Does Myst Moorth REALLY believe that or is he just trying hard to save face here? He can't REALLY believe it can he? He does know that he isn't speaking German doesn't he?] ---------- 3.14159: we don't want it ---------- Myst Moorth: you were useless in W2 ########## [Note: Nope, it is clear that Myst Moorth REALLY resents having to be thankful to American and England for saving their country. More mature people feel like that, but he does.] ---------- Myst Moorth: look at your losses, nothing ---------- 3.14159: :) ---------- Myst Moorth: like a proper americunt, never went on a real war, born in a stolen country, and play it tough ########## [Note: "americ*nt" again. So clever.] ---------- Myst Moorth: thats what you are, american ass ---------- Myst Moorth: allright american fuckers, see you ########## [Note: It's okay, Myst Moorth. We know you are just immature and acting out here. We know you are REALLY grateful that we saved your country for you. No need to thank us.] ---------- Myst Moorth has left ----------
3.14159 on Monday September 10, 2012
behinderter spast!
seriously on Sunday August 26, 2012
fking hippie
Analyse on Saturday August 25, 2012
Nice and friendly player !
Georges Gonzague on Saturday August 25, 2012
BACKSTABBER...most kdicers know i don't leave reviews but this special asshole is going to get one...runs mouth non stop and has 0 skills...what a waste product
Easy A on Tuesday August 14, 2012
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