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Recognized on 8:19 AM, Sunday March 28, 2021 EDT by integral
veteran of the game, thanks for your contribution to the site

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please follow the rules +chat +play +post gnice37 2:07 PM, Friday October 1, 2021 EDT
played mult accts in tournaments most of the month. -30 days known alts, proxies....derekko,peacetoall,duuded -chat -play -post gnice37 9:19 PM, Friday August 20, 2021 EDT

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my previous review: a fair pro player siegr on Sunday July 30, 2023 i take it back http://kdice.com/games/94336897
siegr on Saturday September 2, 2023
proxied in tourney with PeaceToAll and accidentally gave it away in chat. edit: proxied in another tourney with duuded.
DIVELIZ on Sunday July 25, 2021
Aleksa_bre on Wednesday March 3, 2021
highly honorable player
kamikaze Mike on Thursday February 4, 2021
He proxies with the PeaceToAll account. Somebody pointed this out to me, so I later flagged 1a2b and then PeaceToAll wrote "ty" https://kdice.com/profile/45180369/reviews
PanzerRed on Saturday March 14, 2020
Proxy account 1a2b/PeaceToAll/duuded/Derekko
wwww on Thursday October 17, 2019
pga with Juppi132
lirath on Monday August 5, 2019
blind player
Tiger Woods PGA on Monday December 17, 2018
wont accept flags ;) just attacks easiest path always (even if last place)
spartan117 on Wednesday December 12, 2018
pga with PeaceToAll
Lavve on Monday April 23, 2018
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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