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Honorable player.
Fingerbib on Wednesday September 30, 2020
Retarded fuckhole says "gt" after 46% luck over the entire tourney and having teamplayed me out of it. Have a good life in the same sense - all teaming up vs you and no luck. May it be long.
Louis Cypher on Thursday September 24, 2020
huhu on Wednesday January 29, 2020
Apparently he called PanzerRed a cheater for not accepting his flag. Did the same to me in tourney though, which is kind of hypocritical. He was an easy 1st if he had accepted. Came in 2nd then. Was mostly a fair player uptil then so I won't be unnecessarily harsh but I'll be a bit wary of him from now lol.
Sir Raged on Sunday January 5, 2020
He called me a cheater because I didn't accept his flag in a tourney. And I didn't accept his flag because me and another player had our 8's next to each other and then the other player moved away to attack Secret Powers. Since the other player had essentially given me 1st, I felt like he should get 2 instead of Secret Powers.
PanzerRed on Monday July 29, 2019
He and MrsGrendler work together. Don't trust either of them.
Kylo Ren on Saturday February 16, 2019
Flagged me in tournament, did NOT stab. Honest player.
the best zinke on Sunday November 18, 2018
nice player
MrGreenWood on Friday September 14, 2018
Be nice to him, and he will ruin his own game :)
LifeArrow on Tuesday June 19, 2018
unpleasant to play with and a whiny cunt, the very definition of a bad sport
heraclitus on Friday June 15, 2018
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