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play restored +play jurgen 4:36 PM, Thursday October 24, 2013 EDT
One month ban for pga. Do not play other accounts either or your ban length will increase. -play jurgen 10:40 AM, Thursday October 17, 2013 EDT

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Once a great paleontologist. In his later years he began to drink and got sloppy with his work. One night he took a drive with a BAC of .340 and crashed into a sewage treatment plant. This crash caused brain damage and physical deformities. He is now fed through a tube and likes to watch Dora the Explorer while masturbating with razor blades...be careful what you do in life guys or you may end up like this guy!
Agent Mulder on Thursday March 27, 2014
back stabber
hvvv on Monday February 10, 2014
nice player :*
Bhivedine on Thursday January 30, 2014
big idiot pga with Rastaa Man :)
bivo on Tuesday January 21, 2014
can't be trusted, flags & stabs
mrlee on Tuesday January 21, 2014
Ilumael on Tuesday January 21, 2014
idot, she don't respect real flags.
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm on Wednesday January 15, 2014
Tool of those who would otherwise march all over him...
viridianether on Saturday January 11, 2014
stabbed in tourny
Help, I'm a rock on Sunday December 29, 2013
backstabbed at 500 table. Do not trust
Tagur2 on Saturday December 28, 2013
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