Level 63
to level 64


ohn_egg defended 8v8, 33 to 45, (5,1,6,6,4,4,5,2 to 6,5,5,6,6,6,6,5)
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Restored +chat +play integral 11:35 PM, Thursday November 27, 2014 EST
Restored +chat +play integral 11:35 PM, Thursday November 27, 2014 EST
offensive language, take some time off -chat -play -post integral 3:13 PM, Tuesday November 25, 2014 EST
restored +chat integral 2:45 PM, Saturday September 20, 2014 EDT
was asked not to spam -chat integral 10:47 AM, Friday September 19, 2014 EDT
restored +chat integral 6:24 AM, Friday September 19, 2014 EDT
asked for ban -chat integral 8:34 PM, Thursday September 18, 2014 EDT

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atomant on Saturday October 22, 2016
Dishonorable. Flagged and stabbed. Witnessed it...sad
Drucifer85 on Tuesday October 6, 2015
Unfair player, doesn't know the definition of a roll.
lulz123 on Friday November 21, 2014
Dishonorable player, PGA with rushwing and Sakic in 100 Nightly "john_egg: no just kill green and yellow john_egg: then we have final 3 john_egg: rush kill yellow john_egg: i accepted reds and blues flag Taxi_Driver: you fuck john_egg: im tourny stratting this shit john_egg: i want paid"
Taxi_Driver on Monday November 17, 2014
unfair player, flags and dsicoes you out
k dicer on Monday November 17, 2014
Doesnt respect flags!
kskmemory on Sunday November 16, 2014
bastard pga gamers 2k table, kill me 4 games :(
@DIEGOi14 on Tuesday September 23, 2014
Dudes that play for points...yawn -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
Created on Saturday June 21, 2014
I_suck on Sunday June 8, 2014
little midget piece of shit
Sabala on Saturday May 31, 2014
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