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Bone-Roller: "jurgen, you effin piece of belgium shit, unban me!"
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Recognized on 4:54 PM, Wednesday July 28, 2010 EDT by Rowdyazell
For Giving a Guide to Kdice for our spanish speaing friends

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last drop, not amused at all that you fake chatlogs, have people ping opponents for you, openly ask people to funnel you, say bye to this account -avatar jurgen 2:30 PM, Saturday October 29, 2011 EDT
last drop, not amused at all that you fake chatlogs, have people ping opponents for you, openly ask people to funnel you, say bye to this account -chat -post jurgen 2:30 PM, Saturday October 29, 2011 EDT
last drop, not amused at all that you fake chatlogs, have people ping opponents for you, openly ask people to funnel you, say bye to this account -changeAvatar -play jurgen 2:29 PM, Saturday October 29, 2011 EDT
OK, prove me you can make this your main and not cheat on it +changeAvatar +chat +play +post jurgen 7:47 PM, Thursday March 31, 2011 EDT
Because I don't believe in 5th chances and you don't learn. -changeAvatar -chat -post Bone-Roller 1:28 PM, Thursday January 6, 2011 EST
vgg jona, I am sure you had a fun december but...., permaban or not on this account will be up to the senior mod -play jurgen 6:41 AM, Friday December 31, 2010 EST
Time Served. Please try to stay out of prison. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Bone-Roller 8:45 PM, Thursday October 28, 2010 EDT
Enforcement of the Bone-Roller Doctrine. -changeAvatar -chat -play Bone-Roller 2:43 PM, Saturday August 21, 2010 EDT
Free speech has limits - just look at broadcast tv and radio. 1 week suspension of posting rights. -post Bone-Roller 6:41 PM, Thursday August 19, 2010 EDT

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2011-10-24 EInegro, burgertime, and yohann2008ds make up a pretty slimy bunch. Truces on the 0 tables are rare for a good reason, but that didn't stop EInegro and burgertime, as you will see below, Dear Readers. Worst of all, though, was yohann2008ds--he actually flagged to me (see below) and then "misclicked" his attacks on me many times. Dishonorable as he is for not honoring his own flag to me, his dishonor reaches what for yohann2008ds is his nirvana: he gets to lie about not accepting the flag in a weaselly fashion. Oh, it gives yohann2008ds such a tingly thrill up his spine to do that! The anonymity of the Internet is a drug to yohann2008ds and he can't get enough of acting like a child who is pleased with his own petty bad behavior and then his lie to reinforce it--the little tingle it gives him makes it hard for him to stop (even in real life). EInegro was green, burgertime was brown, yohann2008ds was red, I was yellow. Chat is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ [Note: I had a small lead over EInegro on my north end and a large lead over burgertime on my east end, but I was in the middle. Truce or not, they were both going to be attacking me. yohann2008ds's attacks were only a surprise once since his misclick explanation is what all the little web boys say to get a bigger thrill out of their bad behavior.] ---------- EInegro: burger ---------- EInegro: lets fuck yellow up ? :d ########## ---------- burgertime: yes lets ---------- 3.14159: d'uh ---------- EInegro: fuck my rolls ---------- 3.14159: i'm in the middle--your 0 table truce is relatively rare, though ---------- yohann2008ds: flag yellow ########## [Note: yohann2008ds flags to me.] ---------- 3.14159: thanks red ---------- EInegro: this is hard to calculate how many attacks you got with 4stacks.. ---------- 3.14159: red, didn't you flag to me? [Note: Said after his first attack on me.] ---------- yohann2008ds: missclick ########## [Note: The lie that tingles yohann2008ds's spine.] ---------- 3.14159: i doubt it ---------- 3.14159: another misclick? [Note: After the next attack by yohann2008ds.] ---------- yohann2008ds: yes excuse me ---------- 3.14159: dishonorable and a liar--nice [Note: The dishonor was not honoring his flag to me, but yohann2008ds didn't find that enough of a tingle so he lied about it too.] ---------- yohann2008ds: missclick realy [Note: See him smiling his crooked smile? If only he could spell.] ---------- 3.14159: no ---------- yohann2008ds: .. ---------- yohann2008ds: really missclick !! [Note: Two, count them, two whole exclamation points!!] ---------- 3.14159: your review will reflect it ---------- 3.14159: but you won't worry about that--dishonorable as you are ---------- yohann2008ds: dishonorale is bad? ---------- 3.14159: not to you it isn't ---------- yohann2008ds: :) ---------- 3.14159: your typos are cute, though ---------- 3.14159: :) ---------- yohann2008ds: :) ---------- yohann2008ds has left [Note: yohann2008ds left but returned quickly. Perhaps he was checking my reviews?] ---------- EInegro: i sck at 4v4 ---------- burgertime: uh, flag to green :) [Note: Green had it down to burgertime and yohann2008ds with one land each. You would think a truce-mate would NOT have to flag to the other trucer. Dishonor among weasels, no doubt.] ---------- yohann2008ds: me too ---------- burgertime: thanks for nothing green, i fought yellow the whole time ++++++++++ Their response to this review which they will claim they do not care about? They will attack the messenger, of course. "What a waste of time," whey will say even though they found the time to act the way they did.
3.14159 on Monday October 24, 2011
he and im not ryan=same EInegro: is okay EInegro: im yell too Im Not Ryan
axlehammer on Monday June 27, 2011
backstabbing with boogybytes
BarkingDog on Thursday May 12, 2011
crabface on Friday May 6, 2011
total douchebag. don't flag or trust him.
DrunkDaShiVa on Friday May 6, 2011
PGA with caesar-blue Even after all the trouble you've been in you still cheat? Ban this douche!
nodice4u on Friday May 6, 2011
PGA with kostur. Cheater, and should be banned for it
strikerblack on Sunday May 1, 2011
racist, unpolite, bad person, bad education, bad worse, he is full of shame and hate
celta on Saturday April 30, 2011
fuck you sistr pga idiot!!
bivo on Saturday April 30, 2011
Accept my flag and then decide to kill me saying he don't remember just a backstabber, traitor and idiot
samu15 on Friday April 29, 2011
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