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No Cycling on Tuesday July 31, 2018
Gonna cry, bro!?
kaiosezzar on Saturday January 10, 2015
This Asian child plays like a mental, emotional women on PMS. I took a 2 piece in rd 1, ROUND 1!!, and throughout the next 7 total rounds he made 10 attacks. 9 of those attacs we're against me, including 2 basing, and the 1 attack NOT against me was against a guy to get to me lol. I've never seen a bigger retard on here that got so butthurt over losing a 2 piece in round 1. Grow up and get better scrub.
BlueLineKing7 on Tuesday December 30, 2014
one of the cowardest player ive ever seen.
Fatih Sultan on Tuesday October 21, 2014
son of the bitch
wonkyung on Monday October 20, 2014
in a game filled with awful players, his awfulness is in a class by himself. you should sit with him at least once just to see it. lol.
timquick on Thursday October 9, 2014
obvious PGA with "VVV_" - he cut VVV_, took half of his base, and VVV_ went on me when i didnt attack him once - and to say thanks for let him create a base by taking VVV_'s land they both 2vs1'ed me and after that they did the same to the one in 1st - FAZIT: ??? clearly pga'ed with VVV_ which couldn't have been more obvious - and be sure you will regret to sit the same table with me again
Mrs. M on Wednesday August 20, 2014
yeah dont take this guys word ever
badstack2 on Saturday August 16, 2014
PGA with helio2k
kDiceNoob22 on Thursday August 7, 2014
What an idiot... Flags third but sits just so he can screw my first just because i won the fight against him... Another Kdice noob
Whitehawk on Thursday July 31, 2014
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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