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I saw him flag in rnd1 (in a 500 game). Poor show
uber_meister on Monday May 9, 2011
starts a battle with me, while i was trying 1st. Destroys all my chances for 1st, than wants me to respect his flag?!?!?! What an idiot. Look, if you start a battle, at least be a man to finish it , instead of crying about disrespecting a stupid vflag.
Loser_krez on Monday May 2, 2011
Very honorable, trustworthy in my experience
Panthro on Friday April 8, 2011
major backstabber!
b1125 on Monday April 4, 2011
Flags and in the same moment he attacks u
Snookie208 on Friday February 25, 2011
unapologetic backstabber. kill it.
r0n on Wednesday February 23, 2011
PGA with sucker punch,ZIGIBOOM red had less lands and no big dice near him he flaged when he could of beat him
bluff or not? on Saturday August 21, 2010
Asks for flags, then doesn't accept them.... tut
t1n on Wednesday August 4, 2010
sorry, u flagged i didnt see it and killed you alors: flag blue DubWob: guess ur problem is green not me blue ;) Jund: lol Jund: i think i might have to flag to green v soon, we shall see (i was talking to someone else at the time)
Jund on Wednesday July 14, 2010
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