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Thank you for your review. I am sorry that you saw that game different than me. But in my perception I had stopped fighting Ifi like he had stopped attacking me, I clearly never flagged you - so why would I not come out and fight? Regardless, I consider you a good player although I don't always get your moves and fights. I hope we will have some better games in the future.
Louis Cypher on Friday April 12, 2024
PGA with April 22
Diceyasfuk on Tuesday February 20, 2024
Proxy of panzerred ! PGA def
bajohazard on Saturday August 24, 2019
an Asshole from the big A, you are an Asshole
berniukas on Friday January 12, 2018
cant lose, all flags against him are pga
themind on Sunday September 19, 2010
sry man but i dont accept this kind of flags. if u battle me for position and u lose, i accept it of course. but if im fightin for 1st and u not, and u try to take my land, sry but i wont acc ur oral flag in the saim turn because that was not nice of u :) u could raise real flag and i would leave u.
houdek on Sunday August 8, 2010
Classy player. Easily could have attacked me to go for a higher ranking while I was battling for 2nd place with another player. But he flagged 4th instead.
WillyWanka on Friday August 6, 2010
decent player. still mistakes sarcasm for trucing.
Ampyxx on Friday June 25, 2010
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