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this guy likes wiener in his mouth.
Riles P on Thursday March 7, 2013
2013-02-22 RocketSauce, the level 25 chat jerk, is an old chat jerk with a new name. All chat below is verabtim as it always is. I am blue. +++++++++++ 3.14159 is here ---------- RocketSauce is here ---------- RocketSauce: hello ---------- RocketSauce has left ---------- 3.14159 is here ---------- Vasill: not good ---------- RocketSauce: not good ---------- RocketSauce: blue is terrible ---------- Kdicequeen: blue is nice ---------- 3.14159: yes, and still way better than Rocket ---------- RocketSauce: he is a chat jerk and a web boy ########## ---------- @jeremywright: blue looks yummy ---------- 3.14159: YES! ---------- 3.14159: i win again ---------- 3.14159: RocketSauce is another old chat jerk who STILL hates some old review i left him ---------- RocketSauce: you realize pi and pie are not the same thing right? ---------- 3.14159: i LOVE that ---------- 3.14159: Rocket is completely in my power... ---------- 3.14159: he HAS to chat about me or to me ---------- RocketSauce: you never left me a review ---------- RocketSauce: i actually had to check... ---------- 3.14159: not on RocketSauce, perhaps, but on one of the other names you use
3.14159 on Saturday February 23, 2013
good player respect flag!
bivo on Tuesday August 7, 2012
Posts bad reviews to ppl he has never met. Sad.
GodAlmighty on Friday August 3, 2012
very nice player! u can trust him!
Mexx79 on Thursday July 19, 2012
PGA with oh face kill on contact also no flag respect
just-do-it on Sunday May 20, 2012
good player but hes to great opponent for me. One day I'll get my revenge! Great guy i look forward to playing him again!
Ice Fire on Monday May 14, 2012
Player 3 on Saturday February 25, 2012
fair player. that is all
Juttbeeks3 on Saturday February 11, 2012
Sucks a lot. Dicks too.
Myst Moorth on Sunday January 22, 2012
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