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Tells you what you know about the game... +250 for 1st Rank: 503rd Score: +250 to 2023◆. Hypernode finishes 1st in round 20
Hypernode on Sunday December 22, 2013
No honor. Not worth playing with.
cadpilot on Tuesday December 17, 2013
doesn't know how to play very well.. attacks flagged players even though they are trying to help him secure position. noted.
do good anyway on Monday September 3, 2012
will fuck your game
Ttoronto on Sunday September 2, 2012
Has a strange obsession with cocks. Every other sentence is about cocks. Seems to do nothing but think about cocks all day. That's cool, we all have our hobbies. His is cocks.
r0n on Monday March 5, 2012
Angry rude homphobic And cant play the game very well! Blasphem: fuckin fag Von Grumpy is here owca is here Von Grumpy has left owca has left cvfire: yw red BlaZZted: np Killa Kopp is here Killa Kopp is here schumanp: what a dumb fuck Killa Kopp is here Killa Kopp has left cvfire: lol you sit all game fuck you cvfire: take him red schumanp: flag red and green cvfire: LOL cvfire has left speedyboi: flag green entalltaeglicher: ty Blasphem: red you gonna fight green ? Blasphem: bunch of fuckin pussies BlaZZted: speaks the sitter Blasphem: sitter? BlaZZted: in case u didnt notice im locked in Blasphem: motherfuckerwhat you want me to do? Blasphem: attack 3 vs 12> BlaZZted: ask that urself BlaZZted: about me Blasphem: fuck you Blasphem: fuckin pussy fag BlaZZted: pathetic Blasphem: shut up bitchass BlaZZted: flag green entalltaeglicher: k Blasphem: what a bitch Blasphem: pathetic
speedyboi on Sunday March 4, 2012
angry rude player
RandMod2 on Saturday March 3, 2012
fucking asshole player dont play wit this gay!!!
Matyi Somogyi on Tuesday February 14, 2012
PGA with Blasphem
Chrmoe on Tuesday February 14, 2012
fonzkopp on Monday January 30, 2012
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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