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or disappointing
yoyoa on Saturday August 25, 2012
the one who loves cats must die
ubbentail on Tuesday October 26, 2010
soo you are a backstabber? lol for the happines of all who was backstabbed for this player i gave him a epic beat and i won a very hard game vs him
luxsolis on Friday October 15, 2010
Total fucking idiot.
Madoc on Friday October 8, 2010
lord of gayness
max789 on Wednesday September 29, 2010
very impolite and annoying person
dbdb on Sunday September 26, 2010
i was first, and one player flagged 3rd, and two other players agreed to 2/4 fight. Impressionistik was flagged to both of the fighting players but still sat for while with no hope of higher than 5th. I asked him to flag out but he didnt. Very strange - i wouldn´t trust his flags.
gudmus78 on Friday September 24, 2010
great guy, really, but....there is one very shocking thing...he hates cookies...
Camaleao on Saturday September 18, 2010
PGA with avigdor
RolandSmoke on Saturday September 18, 2010
cant speak to Ax Cx's review...In my case he ended up way larger than me, having flagged tho he sat out honorably
Gangstrrr on Sunday September 5, 2010
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