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pga with ibar watch out
@awdwqd on Monday June 10, 2013
opportunistic wakner
calls calls on Thursday May 16, 2013
backstabber...doesn't respect flags
punkpunk on Thursday November 24, 2011
fuck you sistr and beybi pga asholle!!
bivo on Sunday November 20, 2011
found him to be honorable,grew larger after flagging me and kept his word when i was cut small by allowing a pass thru
axlehammer on Tuesday October 25, 2011
i flagged for 5th to fight vs brown and he killed me anyways...with no reasons (not even the need to grow) very poor player!
Seth_ on Wednesday October 5, 2011
fails to understand 2vs2
BigGameHunter on Thursday January 20, 2011
didnt accept my flag. It was not that bad, although i think i deserved 5 in stead of the kill after i flagged.
Sjoefie on Tuesday January 18, 2011
honorable player
caipi on Saturday December 4, 2010
PGA with kolof
SHO-GUN on Friday October 8, 2010
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