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22 april

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Recognized on 5:37 PM, Wednesday August 19, 2015 EDT by jurgen
Congratulations on playing 4612 hours of kdice and reaching level 100!

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BaNaT accepted such a terrible flag from aminal who had 2 dice and one land in the same time i had 5 lands and almost full stacked. Then BaNat forced me to fight him, let him grow for free. It our wasted time and was very unfair. So i punished him for such a play, made him 4th than 1st, and then i flagged out.
22 april on Tuesday October 22, 2019
stabbed me in a tourney. flagged 1st to 2 guys after i got a flag from one land guy (aminal) and accepted it. It stopped my growth, may be i shouldnt, but i mayde dav who was strongest (and flgged to weaker inoxi before flag to me.. after that i made flag inoxi flag to me actually could destroy him. Apr pretened to flag to me but then after i let aminal and apr fight vs each ohter apr stabbed me.. i thought this behavioe of him was inthe fast, but he is still doing that. sad
BaNaT on Tuesday October 22, 2019
Tournament PGA with Miguelsala - standard! 250 Daily Reprise 1 http://kdice.com/games/84584698 Maybe look every tourn they wins, probably PGA always
Kurton on Wednesday July 24, 2019
GREAT BACKSTABBER!! He asked for roll and lost it, and after that he backstabbed me trying to fight the other player. When you accept a roll, you should know, you must flag out when you lose it, bad thing for a level 99... (angry kid noob). Of course I'm not gonna let you pass and destroy most of my lands knowing how dishonorable and untrustable player you are... You lost the roll and you should flag out, however, you didn't and you backstabbed me after asking for flag. Grow kid.
miguelsala on Monday July 22, 2019
stabbed in a tourney
coupons on Thursday July 18, 2019
just a bad loser retarded
dicebomb on Saturday March 16, 2019
pga with gr8ride during tourney
FuckEveryone on Monday March 11, 2019
son on a shemale bitch
Fraghunter on Saturday March 2, 2019
existential on Tuesday February 26, 2019
unfair player, does not accept flags. so never grant him flag, please!!!
Terkal on Wednesday December 19, 2018
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