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learn to play without cheating pga with nikola machov
papito1900 on Thursday July 26, 2012
fair player
zohann on Wednesday October 5, 2011
Helped me against a guy who wouldnt accept my flag. THANKS
rednttautology on Monday August 22, 2011
really.. unfair player in a tournament.. how could u do that... oh boy
McElu on Friday August 5, 2011
Coward player without any honour
samu15 on Thursday June 23, 2011
he is fair player.... :-)
nikola machov on Wednesday June 8, 2011
Nice win, pepa. Next time will be less easy ;)
KingGorilla on Wednesday April 20, 2011
PGA with SirPepa781
cCcInciSikercCc on Friday April 1, 2011
me and nikola machov arent PGA really!! we are only from the same country but it doesnt mean we are PGA!I dont know how can I prove it. UykusuZzZ and bluff or not? are idiots.I hate PGA too.You have review with PGA too.Some people are bad.I hope you arent...and understand me!!
SirPepa781 on Monday February 21, 2011
PGA with nikola machov
UykusuZzZ on Saturday January 29, 2011
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