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A Good player, I respect you, gg
ConquistA on Thursday January 20, 2011
PGA with Pita65 and BAMMBI
bluff or not? on Wednesday January 5, 2011
I know that was unfortunate, but thanks for not acting like a child over it. Most players would crack the shits.
ctfx93 on Saturday November 6, 2010
pga with smokethisbitch and doesnt respect flags
kaneda_z on Friday October 29, 2010
Completely disrespected my flag. Not sure about all this honorable talk...
COB_Hate_Crew on Friday October 15, 2010
Very honorable player !! You can trust !
Pezzcola on Monday September 6, 2010
paranoid idiot
dnd980 on Friday September 3, 2010
Honourable, took 2nd rather than 2v1 me. Much appreciated! :)
Diado on Wednesday August 25, 2010
honourable sounds yet different to me... that truce in the tourney with the away guay was a bit lame
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Tuesday August 24, 2010
Honorable player, lived up to his flag at the end of the game.
puppy breath on Saturday July 31, 2010
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