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BigScal on Sunday July 2, 2017
Poor player, likes to cry a lot when he isn't left a kill he didn't earn. Relies on crazy luck (like 5 v 8) to win games, the few he can win because he's so bad at this that is.
Dick Tucker on Sunday July 2, 2017
remember me
Luciano R on Friday March 31, 2017
takes pleasure in screwing other peoples games once he has already secured his position
pagram on Sunday September 1, 2013
dirty PGA of its worst with meme12 - kinda admit by ub3: ub3: im the genius here. ub3: my plan worked perfectly ub3: and i ended with more dom ub3: i think i played briliantly. and my plan worked ub3: so im happy +125 for 2nd +68 for dominance Rank: 516th Score: +193 to 2366◆. ub3 finishes 2nd (forced resign) in round 27 ub3 stands up meme12's turn +625 for 1st +97 for dominance +50 for 1 kill Rank: 749th Score: +772 to 1372◆. meme12 finishes 1st in round 27 meme12 stands up
Mrs. M on Saturday August 31, 2013
Fair and honest player.
spineiro on Sunday August 25, 2013
dont trust him, he is a liar
Carmocha on Sunday August 25, 2013
scrub that takes some players flags and not others.
GTG_Cubone on Thursday August 22, 2013
Fair player.
glem on Wednesday August 21, 2013
pedikas. betryed truces
Egazas on Wednesday July 31, 2013
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