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does prolong games he doesent win by not pressing end turn :/
Grux on Sunday February 15, 2015
Nice player, respects flags.
ChrisMorrisCo on Friday February 13, 2015
un pobre subnormal
izaribai on Sunday December 14, 2014
Little Bastard on Monday December 8, 2014
poor loser
lulz123 on Sunday November 30, 2014
poor loser.. everyone flags him but he stoles all the kills.
bombejs on Monday November 24, 2014
fair player
Beagle on Monday October 27, 2014
ohmyland fucking idiot... i flagged... you asked me to flag.. i couldn't because i was still 3rd and you attacked me.... the idiot backstabber is you
igino on Tuesday October 21, 2014
ohmyland on Saturday October 18, 2014
lol about your review on my page, igino - fact is i took revenge for the last game we both had when you fucked my chances for no reason and no gain for youself (and it wasn't the 1st time you did so btw)....also fact is it was you who got spared (or protected?) by Honyo who didn't connect through you when he could have easily done so and you would have been kinda dead then..... your problem was you were too stupid and arrogant to not expect my revenge when i clearly got the chance - i took my chance, and if Honyo wouldn't have let me go through i would have killed him, and he knew that. i had to take 3 of his lands to reach you - and ofc he could take them back afterwards and even some more from me for dom - killing you was worth every damn land he took back from me. your mistake was you were too stupid or ignorant to expect me to take my chance for a revenge.... so maybe better think twice about screwing anyone for no reason and no gain - and even accusing your enemies of pga when your own playing is pretty fishy
Mrs. M on Sunday August 3, 2014
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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