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keeps his word
Liudiss on Monday January 3, 2011
Absolute piece of shit player. He will truce you then kill you to suit his needs.
Evil Empire on Friday December 31, 2010
heh heh, nothing personal in tourny there, less people = secure 1st/2nd for me, but take it however you like, gl.
DonnieScribbles on Monday October 4, 2010
Fair player. Would play again. A++
bhp12345 on Friday September 10, 2010
Best kdicer ever! kills weak flags in a hartbeat. Always a fair player, except when he refuses to roll lower than 20 in a roll off with me.
jurgen on Thursday August 26, 2010
nice guy, I toally deserved to get killed
mr Kreuzfeld on Thursday August 26, 2010
fag who make a deal then backstab, kill this faggot on sight, dont trust anything to this fucking filthy piece of shit, kil that bitch on sight for your own good!
cebalo on Monday August 23, 2010
good guy
Nachor on Friday July 9, 2010
fuck you sistr and beybi and mother,idiot verz pga..
bivo on Monday June 28, 2010
real nice PGA here..... [this guy attacked me once, then accepted my flag, later attacked me again - a nice fellow... just KILLL] *Macho*: sedek nekas: ok the reaI nix: sorry yellow the reaI nix: need to get through PRESlDENT: oh well *Macho*: violetinio sala kai pasikrausi paimk PRESlDENT: i tak e 1 here the reaI nix: heh the reaI nix: why the hell not the reaI nix: man i have to lose at least one 7v5 the reaI nix: every game PRESlDENT: FLAGGED the reaI nix: it's gotta be written somewhere Oberon Is Good: ok yellow PRESlDENT: thank you PRESlDENT: g l Oberon Is Good: ok Oberon Is Good: flag for 2nd the reaI nix: noted *Macho*: yellow, you do realize green sat for 3, right? the reaI nix: oh yeah PRESlDENT: shal we fihgt ? the reaI nix: forgot about that Oberon Is Good: he didnt flag me PRESlDENT: blue ??? nekas: sitting for 3rd PRESlDENT: BLUE ??? nekas: means flag 1st and 2nd the reaI nix: i offered him 3rd for sitting there, yellow *Macho*: nekas, it would be wise to flag purple PRESlDENT: no the reaI nix: i am sorry the reaI nix: really nekas: flag purple PRESlDENT: you asshole the reaI nix: :\ *Macho*: its your own fault yellow *Macho*: it was said nekas has left PRESlDENT: nop *Macho*: yes lakis has left the reaI nix: the reaI nix: sit for 3rd, green? Oberon Is Good has left the reaI nix: nekas: ok Oberon Is Good has left the reaI nix has left Death Engineer has left *Macho* has left
PRESlDENT on Saturday June 5, 2010
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