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real dumb.. rules? what rules?.. wsadz sobie ta choinke w dupe
Adolvo on Thursday September 25, 2014
little cunt pussy, kill on sight
Who'sNutz? on Tuesday March 11, 2014
NoName8801 on Friday February 7, 2014
Killed me denying my flag on a 0 table because I was PGAing him 2 months ago in a tourney. 1) I never pga. 2) My last tourney was in June. You are totally retarded. I guess you were teamplaying with ichigo148 that game and needed a lame excuse. I won't need an excuse to fuck your games from here whenever it suits me fine. To all others: This is human garbage - waste it.
Louis Cypher on Friday January 24, 2014
uolter on Monday November 18, 2013
not a nice player
Terkal on Thursday August 22, 2013
absolutely clueless, dumb as dog shit, has no concept of how the game is played, do us all a favour and quit
I Pitty The Fool on Thursday July 11, 2013
kill on sight. stabber.
Groper on Thursday July 4, 2013
one of those players who truce, lose and then tries to flag.
LifeArrow on Monday May 20, 2013
raphi800 on Tuesday April 16, 2013
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