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Suspicious play with vino_en_carton. If not PGA, then they both way very poor strategic decisions or fast flags that seem to support the other.
Token Ese on Saturday February 18, 2023
Had just good thougts of him. But after that he pge me : http://www.kdice.com/games/90133125 A Flag at same time i attacked him. Dont understand...
Aleksa_bre on Sunday October 10, 2021
Very bad play.
Acrisius on Tuesday April 20, 2021
pga with Chris is King
imanema on Saturday February 20, 2021
krod on Saturday September 26, 2020
Crybaby, throws temper tantrums when he loses
Hijii on Monday September 21, 2020
Apreciate the way he plays.
kaiosezzar on Tuesday August 25, 2020
One of the greatest players of all time.
snmlmz on Monday August 3, 2020
no fun to play with
huhu on Sunday June 14, 2020
Likes a good old whinge while being beaten by bad play.....
bigboyxx on Friday June 5, 2020
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