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partykoala wrote
at 1:23 PM, Monday May 30, 2016 EDT
Mat, long time no see! hoe your well?
uber_meister wrote
at 12:07 PM, Tuesday October 2, 2012 EDT
You ok - long time no see; hope all is well
fuzzymcfuzz wrote
at 12:31 AM, Wednesday September 26, 2012 EDT
where have you been bro? hope your absence is just you having better things to do :p
roady38 wrote
at 7:23 PM, Friday February 10, 2012 EST
that was too bad for you to lag out almost winning tourney, but good to see you
Kortez wrote
at 7:31 AM, Wednesday January 25, 2012 EST
A bit late, but merry late christmas and new year bar :)
K8Dice wrote
at 7:48 PM, Monday January 23, 2012 EST
Very beautiful. We should talk sometime. We have very similar souls imo. In the mean time here's one of my fav artists ever. I think you'll like him:

Jazcan wrote
at 3:33 AM, Tuesday January 10, 2012 EST
-Travelers mind-

Future is nothing but i,
created only to get by.
the road is my companionship,
it is indeed, more then a relationship.

Tomorrow is today,
down by the bay.
fantasy is my creation,
here in my, imagination.
Debster wrote
at 4:21 PM, Friday December 23, 2011 EST
Love the santa hat :)
Myriad wrote
at 2:23 AM, Friday November 11, 2011 EST
Came back to see if you were around but you were off still doing dishes. I'm off to go and watch the green lantern. Catch up with you soon! 11/11/2011 Friday 7:30pm
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