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guys i think this actually might be the real gadaffi. if the colonel was a player, this is how he'd dice.
piers plowman on Sunday October 16, 2011
Cant see why he could be a nice player. A fuckin cowards, may be. I flagged to him, he said i could go trhu and then i got fucked by another asshole (Butters) just because he thought i was backsstabbing. And this guy just kept silent, all game long while i was losin my position. Cant see how a would player would aloud that.
Kadafi on Saturday May 7, 2011
very nice player, respect.
papito1900 on Thursday May 5, 2011
he's nice.. except that he's blind or something
clashthunder on Thursday May 5, 2011
Only played with him twice, but his chat and actions on the table make me think he's a nice guy to play with.
N.Chamberlin on Thursday July 29, 2010
Great player, fun to Kdice with :)
Brittany88 on Sunday July 25, 2010
Look at the Diplomats reviews, not one positive one. And the game he played against me he was an idiot and tried to mess with everyone. I ended up beating him.
Intheeast on Tuesday July 20, 2010
Fair honorable? LOL My ass
TheDiplomat on Wednesday July 14, 2010
good player ;)
leliukazzz on Saturday July 3, 2010
fair and honourable play in tourney
play_mate on Thursday June 3, 2010
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