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4 examples of pga with Alperen Kalay (2 are with IQ Jackass as well): http://kdice.com/games/83470473 http://kdice.com/games/84034756 http://kdice.com/games/84034930 http://kdice.com/games/84035365 Here are Alperen's reviews: http://kdice.com/profile/45056213/reviews Here are IQ Jackass's reviews: http://kdice.com/profile/45295812/reviews He proxies as I33tZ
PanzerRed on Tuesday May 28, 2019
Alperen Kalay on Sunday April 28, 2019
Pierdolony chuj
mat333 on Monday April 8, 2019
Blatantly pga-ing IQ Jackass in March 2019. Did an amazing 3v8 win on a 100 table in April but unfortunately was not given the deserved insta-win.
Louis Cypher on Thursday April 4, 2019
Troll player. Ignores flags. Almost constantly pga with someone.
existential on Monday April 1, 2019
here reply is nice guy and cute avatar i like
beans on Sunday March 31, 2019
just look at this pga so called truce with IQ Jackass: http://kdice.com/games/83840281
Hedol on Sunday March 31, 2019
cur and cheater
Lasst mich durch on Friday March 22, 2019
will stab you if you don't do what he wants after he flagged you.
samcormack on Sunday March 17, 2019
whorible point whore
Ciaran needs poi on Saturday March 16, 2019
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