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Interviewer: Now, could you describe yourself in 3 words for me? Me: Lazy
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senilefelines wrote
at 9:06 AM, Monday September 8, 2014 EDT
Jansey-poo!!! :)
lilmissmouse wrote
at 11:33 AM, Wednesday July 11, 2012 EDT
This is what your draws do to us:

Canadian Mew guesses oh
lilmissmouse guesses oooo
Exonym guesses baby
Canadian Mew guesses oh lala
Exonym guesses wahh
Canadian Mew guesses crying baby
lilmissmouse wrote
at 3:19 PM, Tuesday July 3, 2012 EDT
Where've you been? <3
senilefelines wrote
at 8:18 AM, Wednesday February 1, 2012 EST
So you should've totally had bronze if hwilde wasn't such a cheater, so i'll go ahead and give you a Congrats on Bronze!!! :)
senilefelines wrote
at 1:36 PM, Tuesday January 10, 2012 EST
Jansen!!! What the hell is wrong with you...you're always just leaving the room without so much as a "goodbye", "see ya later motha fuckas" or "goin to the pub, dransen will be back later!" I'm upset over this so fix it! <3
kellykellymoore wrote
at 3:01 AM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
Hope you have a great 2012! Hugsss!
senilefelines wrote
at 10:24 AM, Thursday December 1, 2011 EST
Jansennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hi
cloudberry wrote
at 1:14 PM, Sunday October 9, 2011 EDT
ahah no im sorry :( i fell asleep twice. once in the shower (but i always do that) and once when i got out. never recovered from that last one.
TayBren13 wrote
at 7:58 PM, Tuesday October 4, 2011 EDT
Congrats on the Gold!
cloudberry wrote
at 3:57 PM, Tuesday October 4, 2011 EDT
jans you'reexcellent! just excellent
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