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what a noob. kill asap or it will effect your play
pahite on Sunday December 4, 2016
Staber... evry game stab... bad player !!!
State of Heroes on Saturday November 26, 2016
pga with josey whales
koki1212 on Saturday June 8, 2013
pga with r0n
longray on Wednesday July 18, 2012
terrible player. flags when he is in first, then is a dick to other people for no reason, with nothing to gain. not sure if he is an idiot or a jerk, either way ruins game. show him any kindness and he responds by being a dick.
adtsm on Wednesday June 20, 2012
GReat player
K-Man on Saturday December 11, 2010
will stab.. was just watching
Wiggle87 on Friday December 10, 2010
seriously asked my for pga. NO THANKS - never trust his flag
Lumes on Thursday December 9, 2010
will stab... never trust
scarp8 on Sunday December 5, 2010
Don't expect this hoebag to do anything other than take advantage of you being nice. Dirty lil cunt.
TheBetterYodel on Saturday December 4, 2010
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