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obvious pga
angelica_73 on Friday September 3, 2010
honourable. spiffy avatar, too.
5er on Tuesday August 31, 2010
Shuuriken Raseng on Tuesday August 31, 2010
Not a fair player.
alexcutie on Wednesday August 25, 2010
either a hider pge or just an asshole, backstabbed his flag 1st game then didnt honor one in the next... piece of shit
Who'sNutz? on Monday August 2, 2010
Truce is not PGA.
March Hair on Sunday August 1, 2010
PGA, what a joke.
thejewclaw on Sunday August 1, 2010
a fair player that can be trusted on his flags. I enjoyed playing you.
Louis Cypher on Thursday July 29, 2010
Hounorable player..
Badshah on Monday May 31, 2010
Be careful, he's not an honest player. Does unfair moves when he should stay quiet. Interrupts not his fights. He wants to judge who should be on which place even when it's definitely not his responsibility.
Eyrien on Tuesday May 4, 2010
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