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. no etiquette
generalissimus S on Tuesday June 9, 2020
fun to play against
MrsGrendler on Tuesday June 2, 2020
type of player to make bad rolls screws up own chance to place so says alright fuck it i flag you after failed attempts to kill your lands. at this point has no leverage and EXPECTS you to accept and not take his lands so you can still fight for 1st. crys how you HAVE TO accept his flags and lock yourself in and not be able to fight your closest rival for 1st lol. would only makes sense to a narcissist or possible child. NOTE to Carloos SCROLLUP and COPYandPaste where I ACCEPTED your weakass FLAG BABYBOY
nadowns on Friday May 15, 2020
PGA, always doing PGA this one, can't win on his own
SlackTide on Friday November 25, 2016
Fucking cheater
Lalita Lani on Thursday May 19, 2016
one bad mamma jamma
dnaa on Tuesday May 10, 2016
bivo on Monday October 6, 2014
accepts flag but does something else
Fredste on Thursday August 29, 2013
Caught him slummin in the 0 tables, teaming up with other high-rollers spawn campin da noobz. It was funny because his mom makes dope lasagna.
plz_die_k_thx on Sunday August 11, 2013
Boston is a sore loser...had bad luck ALL game...and even made a way for him and the other (2,3) to go through and fight. NOT MY FAULT HE DIDN'T TAKE ADVANTAGE AND GO THROUGH.
Carloos on Thursday August 8, 2013
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