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I'm not THRILLHO, I'm Thrilltokill from counterstrike 1999 ;)
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you can play again +play Rowdyazell 11:18 AM, Tuesday May 22, 2012 EDT
wanna pga then find another place to do it -play Rowdyazell 4:55 PM, Monday May 21, 2012 EDT

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Nice guy. We should through some dice again!
the die on Thursday April 13, 2017
Love the part: admitted was a lie hahaha ! Fun to read !! Have a nice monday !
Thrilltokill on Monday November 3, 2014
accepted my flag then took half my land to get at the guy in third, then immediately accepted his flag. when i complained he said he was distracted by phone call from gf. then admitted that was a lie and he just wanted to win and didn't give a fuck. accept his flag or flag him at your peril. not trustworthy.
timquick on Friday October 17, 2014
complete asshole tried to pga against me and when i had both of them beat he started insulting and quit
clarky_201990 on Wednesday August 6, 2014
Booldozerr on Sunday July 6, 2014
honorable and fair player
VitezKoja on Sunday April 27, 2014
why u making random pga posts? I've never even heard of insited. Care to repost something reasonable?
bobbidothechef on Sunday January 26, 2014
Honorable player! let the red be with you ;)
Rastaa Man :) on Friday January 24, 2014
just an asshole
Lee34 on Monday January 20, 2014
Nice guy, fun to play with :)
iMoop on Monday January 20, 2014
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