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Little bitch who pretends like he knows the game cause he is a high level. in reality, he doesn't understand the game, and tries to talk shit, and i mean try, cause he is no good at that. just like he's horrible at playing.. not hard to flag in round 1, and in my experience, he doesn't it quite often.
The Melk Man on Tuesday November 20, 2012
Very honorable player. I respect that move in tourney much (and I was not the one benefitting)
Louis Cypher on Tuesday November 20, 2012
gg... honored his flag
Dendore on Sunday October 21, 2012
He agree to a roll off, then lost the roll off, then refused to flag out and attacked me. Happened in a tourney.
CuteKittens on Saturday September 29, 2012
stupid noob
koki1212 on Saturday September 29, 2012
Idiot and STABBER!
Dabee on Sunday September 16, 2012
idiot dont respect flag!
bivo on Friday September 14, 2012
PGA with GraydonManning. Dont trust this idiot
The Dildozer on Friday September 14, 2012
is a chode licker, dosent respect flags, does what ever to get a few points, he is THE fattest gapping anus ive ever played with
shaneOmatic on Saturday July 24, 2010
:( I'm sorry <3
@Pink_Taco831 on Saturday July 17, 2010
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