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PGA is against the rules -chat -play Bone-Roller 1:20 PM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT

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just a little stupid ... a little bit ...
Helfried on Wednesday September 8, 2010
nice game :)
Monsanto on Monday August 23, 2010
whining whinging bitch
Jund on Wednesday August 18, 2010
i think he has a pga with panpil.
weirski on Monday July 26, 2010
watch out! BACKSTABBER, i bet his mom was raped by albanies in the war! thats why he has such bad mood!
aCi on Monday July 12, 2010
I have the suspect that this one takes kdice as real life. A Nerd? Shut down the PC and go to fuck some gals.....
qazqaz on Thursday June 10, 2010
Dont care about flags -just harvest Real PGA asshole with Kolof.
King of the Dice on Wednesday May 26, 2010
don't bother flagging when you're in a fight with him.
mrlee on Tuesday May 11, 2010
You are a great person sorry green was a dick
game kid on Saturday May 8, 2010
Good player, and fun to have at the table.
MbdM on Friday May 7, 2010
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