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I don't even know who this is but he left me a bad review for no reason.
tghGaz on Monday March 12, 2012
PGA with "tghGaz"
dontattackme on Sunday March 11, 2012
Henrik on Saturday June 11, 2011
thats right idiot, i dont respect someone who flags after trying to ruin my game.....fucking retard
nick b on Thursday June 9, 2011
idiot...wrote me a bad review cause his homie akca03 is a backstabber
losemaker on Wednesday June 8, 2011
fair player,u can trust him.
akca03 on Wednesday June 1, 2011
overweight and feminine
Blips on Monday May 23, 2011
sits in corner and hides and cry's PGA when people call flags to each other and posted flags too......no baby's allowed
unvme4it on Thursday May 5, 2011
Non-responisve. Doesn't resepct flags. Will kill you without warning or thought of his own livelihood. Don't turn your back on this jackass.
GeneralZod on Saturday August 7, 2010
Flags, but does not honor it. I guess that is already well known. I wish these comments actually mattered.
tiraid on Monday July 5, 2010
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