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2011-08-27 deeeeznutz is NOT an idiot (though he IS ignorant). deeeeznutz is a jerk who feels powerful as an anonymous player on Kdice because he feels powerless everywhere else in the world. deeeeznutz is green, I am yellow. ++++++++++ deeeeznutz: yellow, you should learn how to play ---------- 3.14159: really? why? ---------- deeeeznutz: clicking buttons like a monkey is one option ---------- 3.14159: is it? ---------- deeeeznutz: you're proving it so ---------- 3.14159: really? ---------- 3.14159: you think so? ---------- deeeeznutz: stupid noob ---------- deeeeznutz: thx for the +120 ---------- 3.14159: oh, you didn't have it won anyway? really? i had to play like a monkey for you to win, right? ---------- 3.14159: that i do believe ---------- 3.14159: pitiful display green ---------- 3.14159: it isn't enough for you to win--you have to act out like a 12-year-old, too ---------- deeeeznutz: fuck you, noob ---------- 3.14159: brilliant response ---------- deeeeznutz: let me rephrase: ---------- deeeeznutz: fuck you, NOOB! ---------- 3.14159: really? you still say "noob" to insult people? really? ---------- 3.14159: wow ---------- 3.14159: tell the truth--you are 12-years-old, right? ---------- 3.14159: i knew it ---------- deeeeznutz: bye, noob ---------- 3.14159: "noob"? really? ---------- 3.14159: does ANYONE say that anymore? ---------- 3.14159: well, green? do they? ---------- deeeeznutz: go lick your wounds, idiot ---------- deeeeznutz: and then learn how to play ---------- 3.14159: my "wounds"? from playing kdice? really? ---------- 3.14159: is that what you get when you play? ---------- 3.14159: take your time, green ---------- Sjoefie: green why do you do that? ---------- 3.14159: we know this is tough for you ---------- deeeeznutz: blue flagged me, you didnt ---------- 3.14159: typing and thinking and stuff ---------- Sjoefie: LOL ---------- Sjoefie: like im a threat ---------- Sjoefie: come on ---------- 3.14159: green is one of those ---------- 3.14159: "i am 1st so i decide what everyone gets" ---------- 3.14159: hypocrite, of course ---------- 3.14159: HE wants to play for 2nd or 3rd without interference ---------- 3.14159: but when HE is 1st he doesn't do it ---------- Sjoefie: if your fair you kill blue ---------- 3.14159: he is just a rat or cockroach we have to learn to live with ---------- Sjoefie: my flag is up ---------- Sjoefie: for 4 rounds now ---------- deeeeznutz: blah blah blah ---------- 3.14159: forget it, brown--green is one of those ---------- Sjoefie: insane ---------- 3.14159: "blah blah blah"--green had to google to get THAT much of a response ---------- Sjoefie: XD ---------- 3.14159: pitiful, green ---------- Sjoefie: well he is funny ---------- 3.14159: he is STILL trying to think of something to say ---------- deeeeznutz has left ++++++++++ Poor deeeeznutz could never come up with anything beyond 5th grade insults.
3.14159 on Saturday August 27, 2011
what an idiot, has the whole map except for 4 lands and than intervenes in a 2/3 fight
Sjoefie on Saturday August 27, 2011
idiot player sits then tries to 2v1. kill on site
Amber Dyer on Thursday August 25, 2011
Flagbreaker -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
Thormidable on Tuesday August 16, 2011
Guy has a real BIG attitude problem...big wiener.... Carloos: deeeeznutz: cuz I fuckin said so ....you started..you bitch...I was trying to be nice... Point Taken...Take this bitch out!!!
Carloos on Saturday August 13, 2011
got real flag up and he still got attacking, attitude problem. might have some PGA or some shit...
jorkki on Saturday August 13, 2011
gfg_Hooh on Thursday August 11, 2011
very bad player
flag under me on Saturday July 23, 2011
doesn't respect flags
KDICtEd on Wednesday July 20, 2011
Harley927 on Tuesday July 12, 2011
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