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good player honers his flags
Jonah Cienfuegos on Thursday October 7, 2010
good player... honored his flag
waveM on Monday September 20, 2010
ultra-tomba on Tuesday August 3, 2010
even when he takes over first, respects his flags to other players and sits out at end of round
farcyde21 on Tuesday August 3, 2010
3rd round v flagger. not very amusing to play with... pls tell me something, am I lying about ur 3rd round v flag?? then.. it's not a bad review it's the truth..
Pqpq on Tuesday July 27, 2010
I did not tell you anything in regards of accepting your flag or not. You suicided into me, and then expect me to respect your flag. All that was left was maximum 3 dice land and no reason at all for me to not kill you off. You must be a total retard to expect your flag to be respected after that. I assume you think it was unfair of me to wipe you out as you posted a review on me ranting about me killing you off. You would have been last anyway. It would have been very unfair to bump someone else down a spot by letting you camp out the remaining part of the game hoping that someone else would kill off another player before you. You really deserved the last spot. Ranting about it made you deserve it even more.
Potittskrell on Monday July 19, 2010
Good player, tactical and honourable. (just noticed the March 19 comment from gtalum... I don't think _that_ particular chap is able to say anything else. We should pity him (gtalum), I assume he's of limited intellect to go with his limited vocabulary ;) )
Retne on Wednesday May 26, 2010
great player :)
superwiseberry on Saturday May 15, 2010
Vsync on Friday April 23, 2010
have to change my mind, very good player.
ForestGnome on Friday April 16, 2010
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