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PGAing with MadCat_Sam......blatantly......right in from of me -changeAvatar -chat -play KDICEMOD 9:57 PM, Friday August 20, 2010 EDT
-post till BoneRoller sees fit. -post KDICEMOD 7:03 PM, Thursday August 19, 2010 EDT

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PGA with benogo
iBreed on Friday August 20, 2010
cock sucker pga w/ Yooo!! Never to be trusted. kill immediately
bobbidothechef on Wednesday August 18, 2010
pga with Yooo!!
ZenButcher on Wednesday August 18, 2010
very bad and unfair player, doesn't respect real flags up PGA in Turney!!!
Virlomi on Saturday July 31, 2010
this fucking bitch backstabbed me in 2k table and will cost me my 1st top100 trophy
Serpen on Friday July 30, 2010
A fantastic player with a heart of gold
010101 on Wednesday April 28, 2010
pga with elnegro and _juancho_. seems to think nobody else can understand spanish.
-Abaddon- on Wednesday April 14, 2010
real pussy ...plays like a girl on the rag
Easy A on Wednesday April 14, 2010
dont trust him he acept my flag then ruin my game
novajlija on Monday April 12, 2010
pga sob
Conando on Wednesday April 7, 2010
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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