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Recognized on 11:57 AM, Monday December 2, 2019 EST by integral
has been fairly helpful in trying to keep this community fair in a time when there's so few active mods. Thanks for all the help and support.

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restored +play jurgen 6:43 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT
pga -play jurgen 6:32 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT

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2 player on table, panzer came and insult? no matter, not nice, poor Cmon panzer, Why? Your lifestyle or what? http://www.kdice.com/games/86844489
Kurton on Monday June 1, 2020
Aleksa_bre talked with bivo about P.G.A.'ing together. The conversation is on his wall ------- If anybody's wondering why I was banned for P.G.A. for 11 whole minutes, me and Mark Twain were countering avesano-dicebomb-IQ Jackass pga when jurgen showed up. We said they were pga and they accused US of pga. Jurgen chose to believe the pga'ers. Then Louis Cypher came to our defense and Jurgen realized his mistake. About the whiners: avesano (as XIV Louis), [email protected]???, Alperen Kalay, dicebomb, and IQ Jackass (banned) used to P.G.A together. bivo a.k.a. bajohazard (banned) / Kurton (banned) P.G.A.'ed with ado1 (banned). sens rock and hockey rox are 1 person. Secret Powers is just a sore loser.
PanzerRed on Monday June 1, 2020
thanks, keep up the good work bro
Caesar on Saturday May 30, 2020
thx for all your help...i appreciate it.
gnice37 on Friday May 15, 2020
http://www.kdice.com/games/86627653 Dictator of Kdice. Becouse of him this game will be destroyed by proxies. One more time, that kind of person dont deserve to be a contributor of this game. He is my groupy :)
Aleksa_bre on Friday May 8, 2020
From false accusations to blatent PGA, Panzer is a once noble player who sadly has fallen, RIP old friend
hockey rox on Monday April 20, 2020
Definitely PGA with Henrik. He's been banned before for PGA and should get banned again. Don't trust and kill immediately
sens rock on Monday April 20, 2020
Poor soul, sick mind and sad person. I feel bad for you, bro...
avesano on Tuesday March 31, 2020
Spineless noob, He would pga, lie and do all kind of business to make up his terrible play. As one of the best in Kdice history i can confirm never trust this guy.
Alperen Kalay on Sunday March 29, 2020
Why would it matter when my account was created? I have been gone for 3 years, and created it when I came back.
Carlooos29 on Thursday January 30, 2020
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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