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This player has been modded by the community

PGA with osama done that / guinazu / creep33 / osama been there / zeh / chibastockkk You have been a bad boy and must sit in the time out chair for a while. -chat -play Bone-Roller 1:31 PM, Friday September 24, 2010 EDT
My apologies for not unbanning on time. I was having internet issues. +chat holyharlequin 8:01 AM, Friday May 14, 2010 EDT
Spamming the chat. One day mute. -chat holyharlequin 5:14 PM, Monday May 10, 2010 EDT

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PODER on Friday October 1, 2010
Poder, I banned you and your accomplices because of a long-term pattern of unfair play. I understand that you will not admit to it, nor do I expect you to do so, but that does not change the facts that led to the ban.
Bone-Roller on Monday September 27, 2010
Held_SaSo on Saturday September 25, 2010
An immature loser, in life as well as kidice
Naughtarius on Friday September 24, 2010
PGA with Osama been There and chibastockkk.
Wild Horses on Friday September 24, 2010
PGA with BiggusDickus
Bassmann5000 on Friday September 24, 2010
i cant say something bad about him because hes just a bad player. maybe too young. looool. try to learn. lol, youll get better in 2018. haha
Pustekuchen on Friday September 24, 2010
this guy is the biggest cock sucker i've ever enountered
Don.of.the.Reds on Thursday September 23, 2010
He doesn't know how to play. He doesn't respect flags. He is an asshole.
@laliarruda on Thursday September 23, 2010
PGA with chibastockk... fucking farmer piece of shit cocksucker
zhoe01 on Wednesday September 22, 2010
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