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stabber, dont respect flags :) PGA possible
Seljacina on Sunday May 5, 2013
stabbed in tournament. PGA with bmxriderchris
ConcernedViewer on Tuesday March 26, 2013
big stabber and eats shit
McBurger69x420 on Tuesday March 26, 2013
big idiot bad player dont respect flag moron!
bivo on Tuesday February 19, 2013
bad bad bad player..avoid (or kill first)
beatol on Tuesday February 28, 2012
2012-01-25 Gus33 is a chat jerk who "knows ryan," he says [see below]. "Ryan" being invoked as a threat for unjust purposes? Gus33 should not take Ryan's name in vain, right Dear Readers? martinop was green, Gus33 was blue, I was red. All chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ Note: We were playing on a 0 table. martinop was in 1st early in the game, Gus33 was in 2nd across the table from martinop. martinop was not close at all to Gus33, but he did have a big island next to Gus33 that he (martinop) would have been unlikely to use--especially if he can ask for a truce or flags early in the game and end all threats to his getting 1st. That is not the 0 table way. On the 0 tables we either fight or flag or quit. Truces are very rare. Or, as martinop prefers interpret his offer of "cool," asking for flags from everyone else early in the game is very, VERY rare--I have NEVER seen it done. ---------- martinop: blue we cool? ########## 3.14159: counter everyo-ne else?- ---------- Gus33: yea ########## ---------- ede007: i do my best ;-) ---------- martinop: red? ---------- martinop: purp brown? ---------- martinop: same for yall ---------- martinop: ?? ---------- ede007: yess ;-) ---------- 3.14159: flag blue ---------- Gus33: ok ########## ---------- martinop: red wtf lol ---------- martinop: you are 3rd now ---------- 3.14159: i am flagging to blue ---------- martinop: blue is flagged second.. ########## [Note: This is the heart of the problem.] ---------- martinop: to me ---------- 3.14159: you remember flagging, right? ---------- 3.14159: no he is not ---------- martinop: yes he is ---------- 3.14159: you two are "cool" ---------- martinop: you obvs don't understand i guess ---------- martinop: that meant he flagged to me ---------- 3.14159: no, it means you two truced ---------- 3.14159: sort of ---------- ede007: flag blue btw. ---------- 3.14159: pseudo-truce ---------- martinop: well ---------- 3.14159: well ---------- martinop: to make it clear ---------- 3.14159: it is clear ---------- martinop: my 8 could have owned him ---------- martinop: so he basically flagged [Note: "Basically"?] ---------- 3.14159: no, "basically" nothing ---------- martinop: thats what happened ---------- martinop: you just didn't understand ---------- 3.14159: read the chat ---------- martinop: im not trying to be rude ---------- 3.14159: you two are "cool" -- that is it ---------- Gus33: kill purp [Note: Four of us remain. Purple is beating Gus33 while I fight martinop. Gus33 wants ME to kill purple. I have know idea why he thinks he should as ME to do it rather than green (martinop).] ---------- martinop: ok ---------- martinop: eh ---------- martinop: thats not entirely fair [Note: As opposed to the "fairness" of asking for flags early in the game and starting with the 2nd place player who is across the table from you?] ---------- Gus33: insted of arughing ---------- martinop: what does purp want to fight for ---------- max $$$: red? me and you for victory? [Note: Purple asking me if we are truced.] ---------- 3.14159: i have flagged to blue ---------- 3.14159: i'll flag to you too, purple ---------- martinop: red you didn't understand blue and I's agreement ---------- 3.14159: no, YOU don't understand ---------- martinop: blue even knows he flagged ---------- 3.14159: you are so used to the higher tables and all the spoken, unspoken, and pseudo truces that you don't know how to play straight up ---------- martinop: even though it wasn't expicit flag ---------- martinop: he knew my 8 was gonna kill him ---------- martinop: thats what cool meant ---------- 3.14159: "cool" means you wanted a truce without calling it a truce ---------- 3.14159: THAT is what it means ---------- Gus33: red kill purp ########## [Note: Again Gus33 has some strange notion that I should help him fight purple--even though tried to truce earlier and explicitly flagged to purple after that.] ---------- martinop: well i mean it as ---------- 3.14159: i just flagged to purple ---------- martinop: i we aren't cool ---------- 3.14159: i am going for 3rd against green ---------- martinop: if we aren't cool [Note: Was there some question at that point? The two of us had been fighting for many rounds at that point.] ---------- martinop: im gonna kill your ass ########## ---------- Gus33: yea well u flaged me 2 ########## [Note: Gus33 thinks that my flag to him means I am truced with him, that I will help him beat another player I flagged to? That makes no sense.] ---------- martinop: you just interpreted it wrong ---------- 3.14159: i know blue--i am going for 3rd ---------- martinop: blue you know you flagged ---------- 3.14159: no, you wanted a truce without calling it a truce ---------- martinop: justmake it clear to red ---------- 3.14159: he is NOT flagged ---------- martinop: so he'll understand ---------- 3.14159: read the chat ---------- martinop: i didn't want a truce ---------- martinop: i know what i said ---------- martinop: and i know what i meant by it ---------- 3.14159: you wanted to be "cool" ---------- martinop: i'm telling you i meant that i was going to kill hmi ---------- martinop: as in ---------- Gus33: yea red me and green truce ########## [Note: See the problem here? Gus33 agrees with me that he and martinop are truced.] ---------- martinop: cut my 8 through him otherwise ---------- martinop: when i typed that ---------- martinop: if we werent cool ---------- 3.14159: blue, i know you two are "cool" ---------- 3.14159: that is why it surprises me that you aren't helping green enough ---------- 3.14159: but that is fine with me ---------- 3.14159: okay, blue--now you do NOT accept my flag--that is fine, too [Note: Gus33 has started attacking me. I assume he did so because (1) he had lost his battle with purple and (2) he wanted revenge AND to make me go out before him.] ---------- Gus33: bad reveiw 4 u 314159 ########## [Note: Gus33 had not made any sense up to this point. It is not clear what the bad review would refer to. He doesn't make clear what norm I had violated. Maybe he just doesn't like me; I'll have to learn to live with that.] ---------- 3.14159: and mine for YOU too ---------- 3.14159: i have the verbatim chat--you don't ---------- Gus33: yea right ---------- 3.14159: you will see ---------- 3.14159: i always keep the chat in cases like this ---------- martinop: ugh, i'm sorry thats just how i talk dude ---------- Gus33: i know ryan ########## ---------- 3.14159: good for you ---------- martinop: but i wasn't trucing ---------- Gus33: well see ass ########## ---------- 3.14159: you were pseudo-trucing, green ---------- 3.14159: that is what all you guys ddo ---------- 3.14159: do ---------- martinop: no thats wasn't my intention ---------- martinop has left ---------- 3.14159: that is what you say NOW ---------- martinop: yeah i said blue we cool i nowk ---------- martinop: to me, that meant, you flag me duuuh ---------- martinop: or else my8 is going to kill you ---------- 3.14159: not at all, green--that is silly ---------- martinop: no ---------- martinop: that's how iplay ---------- martinop: interpret it how you want ---------- martinop: youre just being difficult at this point ---------- Gus33: green dont worry ryan will know 314159 plans now ########## [Note: What plans are those, Dear Readers? We may never know--Gus33 doesn't make much sense.] ---------- 3.14159: well, everyone EXCEPT you says "we cool" when they are trucing ---------- 3.14159: my plans are to point out scofflaws, web boys, and chat jerks--as always ---------- martinop: im not a chat jerk ---------- 3.14159: i did not say you were ---------- martinop: or unfair ---------- Gus33: he will fix that 4 us ########## ---------- 3.14159: you don't fit into any of those--yet ---------- martinop: no ---------- martinop: im fair ---------- martinop: i've been around ---------- martinop: you're just being kinda difficult for some reason ---------- 3.14159: you are too used to the higher tables ---------- 3.14159: you IMMEDIATELY went for a truce ---------- 3.14159: on the 0 tables we play straight oup ---------- 3.14159: up ---------- Gus33: red u fit in the assholes tho ########## [Note: Chat jerk much, Gus33?] ---------- martinop: no ---------- 3.14159: fight or flag or quit ---------- 3.14159: that is the 0 table way ---------- 3.14159: NOT trucing ---------- martinop: i didnt truce ---------- martinop: why aren't you listening lol ---------- martinop: that wasn't a truce ---------- 3.14159: i am lol ---------- martinop: in my vernacular ---------- 3.14159: "cool" means truce--simple ---------- martinop: Im being entire honest with you ---------- Gus33 is here ---------- martinop: no ---------- martinop: boo ---------- Gus33 has left ---------- martinop: whatever ---------- 3.14159: even assuming you intended it that way, you were asking for a flag from someone ACROSS THE TABLE FROM YOU!!! ---------- 3.14159: early in the game ---------- martinop: dude stop being difficult ---------- martinop: there really isn't an argument here ---------- 3.14159: i am upholding the fun of kdice ---------- 3.14159: you are not ---------- 3.14159: truces ruin the game ---------- martinop: it wasn't a truce ---------- martinop: you're stuck on that ---------- 3.14159: okay, so you were just asking a guy ACROSS THE TABLE FROM YOU to flag to you? that is you position? ---------- 3.14159: your ---------- 3.14159: is that right? ---------- martinop: blue was opposition ---------- martinop: to make it easier on him ---------- 3.14159: avoiding the question for some reason? ---------- martinop: to not have to kill him outright ---------- 3.14159: embarrassed to admit it? ---------- martinop: we'd be cool ---------- martinop: so i wouldn't ruin his game ---------- martinop: in turn ---------- 3.14159: ruin HIS game! what about the rest of us ---------- martinop: then i proceeded to say ---------- martinop: red ---------- 3.14159: spare me the pious BS--you wanted to win by winning in chat ---------- martinop: purple ---------- martinop: bownr ---------- martinop: yall too ---------- 3.14159: you wanted the person in 2nd to flag to you--even though he was across the table from you ---------- 3.14159: THAT ruins kdice ---------- martinop: i was going to kill him ---------- 3.14159: then do it ---------- martinop: and i was trying to be nice ---------- 3.14159: killing him IS kdice ---------- 3.14159: right--are you kidding US or yourself? ---------- martinop: by not ruining his game ---------- 3.14159: again, HIS game--what about us? ---------- 3.14159: you picked HIM instead of anyone next to you... ---------- martinop: i offered yall too ---------- 3.14159: do you know why? ---------- martinop: i picked him first ---------- martinop: because he was largest ---------- 3.14159: you asked for flags from everyone--great, what a way to play kdice ---------- martinop: yes ---------- martinop: ya ---------- 3.14159: get an early lead then ask everyone to flag ---------- 3.14159: lots of fun ---------- martinop: kbyeow
3.14159 on Wednesday January 25, 2012
Does not respect flags... accepted one from green and the ran him into the ground... not an honorable player
Rob Emery on Wednesday September 21, 2011
juango,benni link dont respect flags
Gus33 on Wednesday November 10, 2010
dont respect flags, accepts flags then attacks flagged player
stefanek1 on Thursday October 21, 2010
likes to rape kittens
fuckshit1 on Friday October 8, 2010
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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