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pga -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register -avatar integral 10:34 PM, Tuesday October 11, 2016 EDT

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These reviews are hilarious(ly accurate). Thinks he can speak English yet trips himself up on the simplest of things (like not knowing how to spell things not-phonetically like a 4yr old would!). "Edgy" av-photo leads me to believe he is either a debt-ridden ex-student 80k in the hole paying 2k rent p/m for a couch in NYC working as a 'Caffeine Technician' or just homeless and afraid to show his whole outfit/trolley.
Distorted on Tuesday October 11, 2016
Neonato on Sunday October 2, 2016
pga with varelsa
Fatih Sultan on Sunday September 11, 2016
@roadrage14 was a dumb noob. only thing worse than losing a 0 lvl game is bragging about winning, but watch what he does after he kills you http://kdice.com/games/75903537
Macally Callkin on Saturday September 10, 2016
Lalita Lani is a Bitch!
KingRussy on Saturday April 11, 2015
pga or proxy with Varelsa dont trust these guys. Also pussy, rude, kid
IFIGENIUS on Sunday January 25, 2015
pga or proxy with Varelsa dont trust these guys
Rastaa Man :) on Sunday January 25, 2015
ignores flags. point whore.
timquick on Saturday January 10, 2015
Jack Barrows on Friday August 3, 2012
really unpolite on chat and really rude, i think he cames from mars
so what on Thursday August 2, 2012
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