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pga with afrospoast
celta on Sunday March 6, 2011
jear, 4:44AM and much fun with my friends xDDD
emp0rArr on Sunday March 6, 2011
pga with afrospoast, and on a 0 level table at that
Tj Schwerdtfeger on Sunday March 6, 2011
No respect for flags. Seen him play multiple games where he claims he wasn't "Paying Attention" or hasn't "seen the flag". Clearly not the case when the flag is blatant. Getting payback for ignoring my flag felt so good. Hopefully I get the chance to do it again.
schmack on Tuesday November 23, 2010
faggot, he attks u even when u flag. Has no respect for letting people fight it out when hes already got first. Dont TRUST this Homosexual
Elites on Monday June 21, 2010
he attacks flagged people...
Sandro01 on Sunday May 23, 2010
Accepts flags and then attacks. Do not trust this arsehole.
Freddie G on Sunday May 23, 2010
fucking backstabbing piece of shit. kill this asshole asap
cinzano on Monday May 3, 2010
Piece of shit accepts my flag then when I move away he opportunistically fucks me. Complete prick. Fuck you.
Mercantile on Tuesday February 16, 2010
flaged then attacked later
jordenlee45 on Monday February 8, 2010
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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