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Surprisingly an actual racist.
Smoke Two Joints on Friday March 14, 2014
PGA Seljacina
t1n on Sunday July 7, 2013
Won't honour his flag be careful if he is big - you'll only have yourself to blame
Tommo Knoxx on Wednesday April 17, 2013
This guy is all that is wrong with this game
TomBrady on Friday April 12, 2013
PGA with Amon
Darth_Sidious on Sunday March 3, 2013
Breaks flags when he is winning.
legrendel on Sunday January 20, 2013
Fucking faggot. Bad player.
Adolfo Machado on Saturday January 19, 2013
The worst kind of BACKSTABBER possible. please read this: This guy flagged me and other guy in a game together with the rest of the table. We fought for 1st place. and after let the two fight for 3rd, and to connect using our lands (and cut us in the process). After they connected they both turned on us trying to get 1st and 2nd, unbelievable. (The good guys won in the end, don't worry). Don't trust anything he say, just kill on sight.
gilbe on Friday August 3, 2012
dont respect flags and play pga! dont trust him
CatDoghunter on Sunday July 29, 2012
Liar, and as the others said total prick.
Buttwank on Sunday July 15, 2012
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