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happy new year kostur careful in playing with drunk people or playing drunk +play jurgen 5:11 AM, Thursday February 2, 2012 EST
You were already walking a very thin line mid month with zoid and others. Last day of December was too much obvious pga with smurf. 1 month ban but last chance after that. -play jurgen 7:08 PM, Sunday January 1, 2012 EST
undone +play jurgen 2:23 AM, Sunday March 6, 2011 EST
pga with bivo -play jurgen 8:00 PM, Monday February 28, 2011 EST
Consider that your warning. +play MadHat_Sam 8:43 PM, Thursday February 17, 2011 EST
When you can be fair you can have +play back. -play MadHat_Sam 8:01 PM, Thursday February 17, 2011 EST
Time Served +chat +play Bone-Roller 12:43 PM, Sunday October 10, 2010 EDT
PGA is against the rules -chat -play Bone-Roller 1:20 PM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT

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super bitch
Makuku on Tuesday July 14, 2015
just a bitch taking kills on 0 tables
tojoshan on Thursday April 30, 2015
nice and smart player, enjoy to play with him :D
papito1900 on Wednesday April 30, 2014
PGE'd me on the last night of the month in march to help his friend get on podium. Basically a piece of shit.
Smoke Two Joints on Thursday April 10, 2014
accepted a roll, lost the roll and backstabbed after in 250 Tuesday Tournament
Sexmachine66 on Tuesday April 1, 2014
accepts only selected flags in 1k final tourney
k diva on Monday March 31, 2014
seems to play clever and fair
Grux on Tuesday February 25, 2014
Guys be carefull ! john_egg Lalita Lani shorros and kostur are PGA
Schzarck on Thursday January 9, 2014
unfair playing. I hardly do not recommend to play with that player.
meckchate on Saturday January 4, 2014
paper bitch
DiceInMyAnus on Thursday August 1, 2013
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