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test +changeAvatar +chat +play +post KDICEMOD 9:03 PM, Friday August 10, 2012 EDT
test -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 9:02 PM, Friday August 10, 2012 EDT
reinstated +play jurgen 4:13 AM, Tuesday December 6, 2011 EST
jona_vicente: ban me jona_vicente: only this december, I got lots of exams -play jurgen 8:23 PM, Monday December 5, 2011 EST
restored +play kellykellymoore 11:50 AM, Thursday November 24, 2011 EST
-play at request -play Hero Of Time 5:25 AM, Wednesday November 23, 2011 EST
call me crazy but how about one last "last chance". +changeAvatar +play jurgen 7:41 AM, Friday November 4, 2011 EDT
nice luck, now we wait again -play jurgen 7:11 AM, Thursday November 3, 2011 EDT
try your one game luck +play jurgen 6:53 AM, Thursday November 3, 2011 EDT
Short leash, don't be a fucktard anymore please. +chat +post MadHat_Sam 3:52 PM, Monday October 31, 2011 EDT
Grow up -chat MadHat_Sam 1:43 PM, Friday February 25, 2011 EST
Restored +chat MadHat_Sam 3:35 PM, Friday June 18, 2010 EDT
Nice try, you get it back tomorrow -chat MadHat_Sam 4:09 PM, Wednesday June 16, 2010 EDT
Shared account. Permaban. -changeAvatar -play -post KDICEMOD 7:27 PM, Friday May 28, 2010 EDT
No more spamming the chatbox for 10 minutes straight.can you do that? +chat Holly Molly 2:27 AM, Friday January 8, 2010 EST
Spamming. 3 days mute. -chat Holly Molly 2:07 AM, Tuesday January 5, 2010 EST

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Not a good player...
NoName8801 on Wednesday December 4, 2013
write spam in other reviews idiot player should be banned
tera santa on Tuesday December 3, 2013
Truced then stabbed
jf220 on Thursday November 21, 2013
Not a fair player.
Hobyandy on Wednesday November 20, 2013
He's a dick.
August Freirich on Tuesday November 12, 2013
I was about to commit suicide but Jona talked me out of in chat. She healed my emotional pain through recovery activities such as cumming on her face. Seeing the cum on her face healed the pain deep in my heart. Thank you for that my friend.
@DVidjen on Wednesday March 27, 2013
Fun player. Always come up with witty remarks. Just not very talented. He plays member.
ehervey on Sunday March 24, 2013
Absolutely cool
Big Jumblies on Friday December 21, 2012
Attacked me although I flagged in a 2k game. Then gave bitchy 'whatever' remark. Didnt expect that from experienced player
Kerberus on Sunday December 18, 2011
Jona is a really point whore. No honor, not trustworthy, no respect, no fairness. Backstabbing, lying, haughty. I can't see anything positive at her/him. If (s)he sits on a table don't sit because (s)he isn't worth playing with (see review from ixce).
hatty on Monday November 28, 2011
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