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PeteyC's turn AIBotPlayer defended 6v2, 11 to 11, (3,1,4,1,1,1 to 5,6)
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Ojjj, srbine crni vraze, ima li ti ista od Turskog kurca draze. Ojjj srbine kukala ti majka, otac ti je Turcin, to nije bajka. Ojjj srbine peder si u dusi, zato Turcinu na Kosovu kurac pusi.
Pashaa on Saturday November 26, 2022
I think Dude means PGA this guy.
PeteyC on Wednesday November 23, 2022
pge this guy
Dude111 on Wednesday October 19, 2022
Nice player
pawellogrd on Monday December 27, 2021
a sweet guy
Caesar on Friday April 2, 2021
complete asshole
imanema on Friday March 19, 2021
chatpwn master
kittah on Thursday March 18, 2021
stabs + pga in tourney
StabbyMcStabFace on Friday March 5, 2021
does not accept flags
KingDingDong on Friday December 4, 2020
if you spawn next to this baby and he connects 4 lands in round one and on your turn you break up his 4 lands in the mid in round 1. crys saying ffs lol ahahahahah dude round 1 no flags no other avenues to go down for me i have to connect as well baby boy sorry i was next to you.
nadowns on Friday May 15, 2020
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