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tits plz
trendz on Sunday March 6, 2011
can u put my chat please i wait 2 years thank you very much my alt ledegomeur
pepecolo on Friday September 24, 2010
Hi there, I'm really tired of players like Donald Krunk, playing totally unpolite and unrespect to other players. Those things really make me feel sick about this game, specially because that appears in the "rules". I just opened a discussion in the forum with the whole conversation we had during a game played. Please, I'd request you to do something with this guy, because he really deserves to be warned for that behave. Thanks a lot.
Srendidor on Friday July 23, 2010
yo, the guy you chat banned for a while, cookmysock was ballistic in a match. after we called him out for trying to lie about his browser not working, he starting constantly threatening people, talking about how he'd fuck people up. Cursing up a storm. If there's any way for you to review that game convo, please do. This guy has some serious issues.
ForestGnome on Wednesday July 7, 2010
You suck and don't deserve to be a mod.
ryansucks321 on Thursday June 17, 2010
dear sir(s), i would like to report a shameless pga player team:...xJuvi3x; spider monkey and possibly 2 others (corinne jacob and iches meinepopel), but the first two for sure: in todays mini free roll tourney, saturday afternoon / evening, occurred that i was seated with them on a table. Suddenly, without obvious reason and esp. without being fully stacked, one of them started 2 - basing against me, yet without him having flagged to the strongest player right next to him (whom i had flagged) and also surprisingly not being attacked by that guy... which would have been a natural and to be expected move (7 or 8 stack next to 'free lands' of 2, 3 stacks bordering !!) ... Eventually, by persistently attacking and with another player`s assistance, they could kick me out of this game - simply with that obviously rule - violating strategy of pre- or outgame truces (AIM etc.). .... I must also say, usually I´d just fade away in silence, since this is an alt and I would not be so upset had i not observed 'xJuvi3x' using the same strategy over and over on various occassions and in several situations. In my eyes that is a clear breach of game rules, but you mods may decide that better than me. When confronted with exactly that accusation, he and th eothet other players (who benefitted form this) just told me to shut up and insisted on me being a racist for him being a black... what can i say, if a cheater accuses me of racism? unfortunately i only have 3 screenshots of the very last stage of this ongoing, when i realized the bad play, but i assume the logs would still be there, it was the mini freeroll 3 table, 125 stage......................................................... now do the falcon punch if you feel it justified
macho bravado on Saturday June 12, 2010
jona_vicente on Saturday May 22, 2010
ufatfuck on Monday March 29, 2010
Hi Holly, I'd like to report bcomstock for writing a pointless, bigoted review on me for no apparent reason (and there really isn't ever a reason to hate like that). It would be great if players like that were kicked out of this game. It would make for a much nicer environment for the rest of us that are actually respectful of others and enjoy playing this game, because the few rotten ones are spoiling it for the rest of us. Please take action.
slickster on Friday March 12, 2010
you were right... i am sorry :-)
John Milk on Saturday January 30, 2010
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