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I asked this guy if he flagged. he said he would help me. As soon as he built, he backstabbed. A backstabbing lying cheating asshole. DO NOT TRUST
UnderwearWolf on Tuesday October 22, 2013
fair guy
BadOne on Tuesday October 22, 2013
stupid player, not reading char nor respecting flags or kills
mrspeed on Tuesday September 17, 2013
fair and honest.
foo foo on Wednesday February 13, 2013
I have been in the game with Dexter and Pato was only punishing him for not respecting flags. Dexter is the real sucker.
Jerbin on Saturday January 19, 2013
Likes to play god in games, and decide which flags should and shouldn't be upheld. If going against their beliefs, they will not honor the flag they accepted.
Dexter Morgan on Saturday January 19, 2013
stabs...farms dom...doesn't respect flags
punkpunk on Monday December 31, 2012
Fair player - flagged out to give someone else a place he thought they deserved
the-ferret on Friday December 28, 2012
douchetard trucer
RollinLikeAChamp on Wednesday December 19, 2012
Guy tried to get me into a private room saying he had candy. He thought I was a 6 year old boy. What a weirdo
Hidden Agenda on Wednesday October 17, 2012
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