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shithead... backstabber
Bobuck12.34 on Tuesday October 19, 2010
he flagged me and then he attacked and killed me, DO NOT RESPECT HIS FLAG
asrahman on Saturday March 20, 2010
fails to understand the meaning of flag even after yet another explanation
danigman on Monday March 1, 2010
it doesnt matter if you flag to this guy they will still attack you..
Figone on Monday February 22, 2010
did not respect flags and attacks peeps who he flagged to
scorbut on Tuesday February 9, 2010
Flags and attacks peeps who he flagged to
Hyperionbel on Wednesday January 27, 2010
A total douche bag
Hugh_Eric_Shun on Friday January 22, 2010
doesnt know what the hell he is doing. Goes back on flags so make sure you take him out early
bamafan2790 on Friday January 22, 2010
Flags to people and then attacks them, twice in the same game with different people. Not very clever, as people take exception to that sort of thing and truce against him.
Diado on Wednesday January 13, 2010
A real scumbag, this one.
NoSpuhforyou on Wednesday January 13, 2010
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